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Every user can download a lot of free images using e-Wall technology. These images are stored into a dedicated folder. ADVANCE uses all available images to generate automatically a random slideshow as a screensaver. You can add transition effects between photos, audio files (WAV or MP3), text files and configure a lot of features, in order to get your customized screen-savers.

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Scary, Horror Screensaver

Face Off Screensaver

SickScreen Screensavers

This screen saver features 3d decapitated heads bleeding on your screen. Developed using the latest in 3d animation technology these lifelike heads actually scare prying eyes away from your computer.

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Easily edit dozens of photos at once. Try it!


BatchPhoto is a powerful photo manipulation program that makes it easy to touch-up, annotate, transform, apply effects, and rename hundreds of photos in a single operation. Instead of enhancing and adjusting pictures individually, BatchPhoto lets you select a group of pictures, define a series of edits, and apply them in a single operation.

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Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality?

The Great Gray Wolf

Wilderness Inspirations?

Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality?. 40 engaging photos and tranquil MP3 music. Program includes an assortment of wild wolf shots never before seen. Witness a wild wolf chasing a fox, stalking its prey, stretching against a backdrop of brilliant fall colors, and wild wolf puppies from Denali National Park. Over 100 transitions, adjustable settings. Free Demo shows 12 full sized and 28 mini images and includes a short musical selection.

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creation of custom tooltip windows

AlterSourcing ToolTip Control


The ToolTip control for MS .Net allows for easy creation of custom tooltips including tooltip windows of classic style, ICQ-style tool tips, alert windows, and any kind of dynamic hints.

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