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Free Cyber Fire ScreenSaver

3D ScreenSaver Download

Everyone can remember the moments of sitting in the dark and watching the fire. Nothing can catch your eyes like a flames of burning fire. Download this Screensaver and add the magic of the irresistible charm of a cyberfire to your Desktop!

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Enjoy watching living dolphins having fun!

Free Living Dolphins Screensaver

3D ScreenSaver Download

An excellent free screensaver featuring awesome images of gorgeous dolphins playing, leaping above the water and diving deep into the waters of the ocean. These unique creatures are widely believed to be amongst the most intelligent of all animals. Enjoy watching careless dolphins having fun!

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Enjoy the cute chickens and fluffy bunnies!

Free Easter Screensaver

Desktop XP

Easter has a lot of beautiful customs and traditions which bring joy and happiness on this holy day. Download this screensaver and enjoy cute chickens and fluffy bunnies delivering dozens of decorated eggs to your screen. Happy Easter!

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The best of Anime art as your screensaver!

Free Japanese Anime Screensaver

Desktop XP

Anime Art is very special in every way. Here is something for all the fans of this unique school. This free screensaver features a great collection of beautiful high-quality Japanese anime images for you viewing pleasure.

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Bring warmth of a fireplace to your screen!

Free Fireplace Screensaver

Desktop XP

With this screensaver you plunge into the atmosphere of a quiet evening sitting in a cozy armchair near the fire and enjoying the magic dance of brisk flames. Download it now and bring the warmth of a fireplace to your desktop.

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The sweetest pussy cats you have ever seen!

Free Cat Screensaver

3D ScreenSaver Downloads

Terrific free screensaver featuring the sweetest pussy cats you have ever seen. The funniest and the cutest images for your viewing pleasure! These adorable little fluffy creatures are able to evoke only the warmest feelings.

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Enjoy the spring coming from your screen!

Free Spring Flower Screensaver

3D ScreenSaver Download

Spring is a magnificent time when nature appears in its pristine beauty. The freshness of its pure colors and their brightness have always enchanted people. This nature screensaver will put the everlasting spring on your desktop.

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Invite the famous Disney characters over!

Free Walt Disney Screensaver

Desktop XP

The famous Walt Disney Studio has created a host of wonderful animated characters that people all over the world have come to love. This free screensaver will put all your favorite toons on your desktop! They will make sure you are not bored.

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This screensaver features stylish bicycles!

Free Bikes Screensaver

Desktop XP

This screensaver features a stylish collection of bicycles with exclusive designs that suit any riding style. Download it now and get a variety of classic, racing, mountain and street bikes on your desktop absolutely free!

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Great 3D model of a unique blue-green planet!

Planet Uranus 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Uranus is unique in our solar system because it is tilted 98 degrees. When viewed from Earth, it appears to rotate on its side! It is actually the farthest planet from Earth that can be seen with the unaided eye but of course this can only happen on a clear, dark night. How about having the opportunity to watch this unique planet any time you like? All you need is this terrific Planet Uranus 3D Screensaver on your desktop!

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