Seismic Tomography Software

Tumor volume estimation and 3D-modeling



Volume estimation application. The program takes set of object slices provided by a scanner. The software is used for medical imaging purposes, especially for brain tumors volume calculations. The program is useable for breast, chest, liver and another organs tumor calculations as well as in different areas like geology. This is possible because the application supports open interfaces for input/output formats.

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JC Spyware Remover and Adware Killer

JC Spyware and Adware Remover

JC Spyware Killer

JC Spyware Remover and Adware Killer - Scan your PC Today for Free

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Collect your favorite programs on television.

TV Guide


Collect your favorite programs on television. Categorized them and schedule. This easy program will give you an alternative to order and never loose any show. Give it a try and see your more interesting programs.

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Your Desktop Security Manager

Deskman Personal Edition


Deskman allows you to protect desktops easily. Restrict access to system settings and keep your desktop tightly secured from a simple interface. Home users need a simple way of protecting their computers on coffee breaks, or restraining access to their desktop on shared computer environments. Securing your Desktop has never been so easy. Free for personal use.

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