Self-extracting Archive Software

Create  WIN32 Self eXtracting Archives



Create WIN32 Self eXtracting Archives, ideal for distributing software and personal backups. SXAzip can process a simple scripting language that allows you to repeat backups multiple times. Archives can be password protected and encrypted. SXAzip is closley integrated with InstallScript ( which produces fully-featured WIN32 installations.

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Play sound with 3d effects

Wave Alive

Wise Designers Group

Play sound with 3d effects on press key of keyboard. This makes the process of typing more interesting, amuses, reduces stress, and helps encourage more rhythmical. Wave Alive includes three customizable sound schemes (Animals/Weapons/TypeWriter). Also you can manage own schemes

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Powerful startup program blocker

Innovative StartUp Firewall

Innovative Solutions

Innovative StartUp Firewall protects your PC from programs that install themselves in the StartUp area of Windows without asking for your approval. Innovative StartUp Firewall will help keep your computer clean, fast and free of annoyances.

Software Keywords: firewall add choose protect

Convert your HTML and documents to RTF

Atrise ToRTF

Atrise Software.

The ToRTF file format converter can convert these file formats to portable RTF: Windows WordPad (*.wri); Microsoft Word 2, 6.0-95, 97-2002 (*.doc); Word Perfect (*.doc, *.wpd); HTML (*.html, *.htm); other types. If you have Microsoft Office installed, it can convert Microsoft Excel documents (*.xls) and many other types.

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