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Enables your apps to send mail w/ attachments



AbsoluteTools-SendMail is a easy to use ActiveX COM Control that enables you to send email from your Windows applications. Send emails to multiple recipients either in plain text or HTML, adding any number of attachments. With the supplied VB sample project and online help you'll be able to send your first emails in minutes!

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Reports environmental variables to a browser.


Craig Richards Design

Created to help you streamline your programming and site administration tasks, Envirolyzer automatically analyzes your server and client environments including paths to Perl, Qmail and Sendmail and returns an easy-to-read report in your web browser.

Software Keywords: server shell programming unix linux environment variables

Send files by EMail easily



Do you have to do routine work of watching some folder in case there have appeared any file and then you have to resend it? SendMail is a versatile program for send files by EMail on timer. As an example this software can receive the faxes, place them in single folder and at certain time resend them to the email addresses of your choice. You may choose the periods of time in which SendMail will email the contents of the folder.

Software Keywords: timer send

Test open relay mail servers and get a list

Open Relay Checker

Open Relay List Test

This testing tool allows users to scan and check their open relay servers. It tests smtp relays, blind anonymous relays and public proxy lists also. Used by some people at and to test open relays. Site Features include : *Open Relay Database *Open Relay Usage Articles *FAQs and How-tos *Closing Relays and Protecting your Mail Server *Anti Spam Tips *Public SMTP List *Server list updated daily *

Software Keywords: relay relays exchange proxies test 2000

PIM with Email, Appoitnments, Adress book, fi

phlyMail Lite

phlyLabs Inh. M. Sommerfeld

A webmail and data hosting application using AJAX to provide a desktop-like GUI. Features: unlimited folders; local or remote mail storage; multiple profiles; POP3s/SMTPs/IMAPs; themes; ability to answer; forward and send mails via SMTP or Sendmail; handles MIME; APOP, POP3 AUTH and SMTP AUTH; print view, source view; export/import as .mbox, save mails as drafts or templates; quotas; address book and much more.

Software Keywords: pop3 smtp auth sasl imap address book sms

Send html mail w/ multiple attachments

absoluteTools-Sendmail CMD


absoluteTools-SendMail CMD is a easy to use Windows tool to send email from command line. Send emails to multiple recipients (To, CC, Bcc) in plain text or HTML, adding attachments and inline images. Automatically embeds images, javascript and css from external local files from the HTML. Full SMTP auth support.

Software Keywords: attachments create email email with attachments email from command line send email

SMC anti-spam milter - The E-mail filter

SMC anti-spam filter for Sendmail

True Audio Software

SMC anti-spam non-context e-mail filter is an Sendmail milter plugin, that is designed to significantly reduce the amount of junk email you receive. It uses dynamic local and DNS-based remote whitelists, blacklists, and an original auto-authentication system for unknown but legitimate senders. It uses a set of original algorithms, including "Check delays", also known as "Greylisting" now.

Software Keywords: smc blacklist freebsd mail anti-spam

Tunnel Email protocols through SSH


Digital Labs, LLC

TunnelMail uses the SSH Secure Shell's encrypted tunneling to allow remote users to connect to internal network mail resources. Compatible with with all SSH servers that allow tunneling, and tested with multiple mail servers, such as Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Postfix, Courier, Sendmail, and others that implement IMAP, POP3, and because of extensive remote registry examination process.

Software Keywords: imap pop3 vpn smtp ssh tunnel

Server based Anti-spam Filter

Extensible Messaging Platform Anti-Spam Filter

J.A. Korsmeyer, Inc.

Server based Anti-Spam Filter protects organizational mail servers (Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise, Lotus Domino, Sendmail, etc) from spam, email-borne viruses (including dangerous auto-launch viruses) and objectionable content using contextual pattern signatures (not simple keywords). The use of contextual signatures results in high success and extremely low false-positive rates.

Software Keywords: email filter protects based spam filter server mail

Internet Paging Gateway


NotePage, Inc.

WebGate is a fast, easy, and reliable way to stay in contact with your out-of-office personnel. Individual webpages can be automatically created for each of your company's employees. Group webpages and webpages with drop-down lists can also be automatically created and maintained by WebGate. Messages sent from these web pages can be received on cell phones or pagers. Email messages or notification of newly received email can also be sent

Software Keywords: cellular e-mail communicate intranet pcs webpage


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