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RS232 to tcp converter. Serial and TCP logger

SerialIP Utilities

Fog Software, Inc.

SerialIP Utilities is easy-to-use package to resolve a problem of remote access to equipment and log all data received from this equipment into files to analyse them in the future. SerialIP Utilities is a package based RS232 to TCP/IP converter. SerialIP Utilities allows any of the RS232 serial ports on your PC to interface directly to a TCP/IP network.

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HsTcp2Com - IP to COM port bridge software


Hillstone Software

HsTcp2Com is a communications application for Windows which allows to forward / bridge data between serial ports (RS232, bluetooth, IrDA, USB) represented as COM ports and TCP/IP connections or UDP/IP links. In the simplest scenario it is an COM port to TCP/IP converter, but it can bridge data between any combination of COM and UDP or TCP ports, with TCP ports in either client or server modes

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Serial (RS232) to TCP/IP Converter

SerialIP Server

Fog Software, Inc.

SerialIP Server operates as a telnet server allowing the user to connect directly to a remote serial port (RS232) using TCP/IP connection. It is possible to connect to SerialIP Server using any available telnet application and send text commands to remote serial equipment directly. SerialIP Server overrides the restriction of device-bundled or specialized software that offers full control over the device on local machine only.

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Bill Redirect Serial,File,TCP Port & Keyboard

Bill Redirect Serial-File-TCP Port & KB

Bill Production

Resident Tray System software for barcode scanner or other serial data capture devices that have a RS232 or Ethernet interface. This program will redirect to any direction Serial/File/TCP Port & Keyboard Buf. Features include: Debugger, run in System Tray, Configuration protected by PASSWORD,Macro Commands,Multi-Port, Protol control, Search and replace characters, can remove specific ASCII Characters. Simply the best redirect software available!

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