Sight-reading Software

Finally - Guitarists can learn to sight-read!

SightReader for Guitar

Sean Clancy Enterprises

Guitarists have always been looked down on by other musicians in regards to their ability to sight-read. Well, that's all about to change! This Sight-reading program SightReader for the Guitar gives the guitarist the option of mastering any position on the guitar by reading! The graphical interface plays 2 measures (1 measure ahead). You can alter the tempo, change the key-signature, play diatonic notes and even levels of accidentals!

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Learn musical notes quickly. Treble and bass.


AHA! Software Inc.

Learn to recognize the musical notes. Treble and/or bass. Enter letter names, or by clicking piano keyboard or guitar neck graphic. Builds fluency quickly.

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Adds a folder browser window to Visual Studio

VS Explorer

Sky Software

VS Explorer adds a Windows Explorer-Like file & folder browsing window to Visual Studio. It provides complete access to file & folder context menus (including 3rd party extensions) & drag-drop functionality directly adding files/folders to your projects. It can quickly browse to the current solution folder, project folder/selected item. It can add selected dll/exe files as references & open command prompt window on selected folder.

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A Windows GUI tool for PHP script generation.

MaxDB PHP Generator

SQL Maestro Group

MaxDB PHP Generator is a freeware but powerful MaxDB GUI frontend that allows you to generate high-quality MaxDB PHP scripts for the selected tables, views and queries for the further working with these objects through the web. With MaxDB PHP Generator you will have a very professional web database application ready for uploading to your website.

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Manage any Window Transparency

Windows Alpha Blender

VaultMate Software

This tiny utility allows you adjusting transparency of currently active window and seeing other windows open at your desktop (so called alpha blending). Use Ctrl+F11 and Ctrl+F12 keys to setup alpha blending and make your work with multiple files more convenient.

Software Keywords: blend windows desktop application blending transparent


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