Silverlight Animation Software

Quicker way to get Silverlight Animation.

Sothink Quicker for Silverlight

SourceTec Software

As Quicker for Silverlight has remained the fundamentals of creating elements in Flash, such as timeline, library, drawing tools, Sothink Quicker for Silverlight is emerged as an option with advanced function, low cost and easy to master for Silverlight animation design. It can be used to accomplish Silverlight Animations, convert your SWF into Microsoft Silverlight, create games, applications etc.

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ConnectCode Silverlight Animator

ConnectCode Animator

ConnectCode Pte Ltd

ConnectCode is an animation authoring software that helps you create stunning and interactive effects for your website using the Microsoft Silverlight platform. It is simple to use, fully featured, professional, and open source. You can easily create vector graphics, import pictures, create text and add animation effects in the designer tool without any programming experience. The animator will generate the output that can liven up your website.

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Color Catcher is an easiest Pick-Color tool.



Color Catcher is an easiest Pick-Color tool, which can pick color from anywhere in the screen. You can use its HotKeys to catch the color code for your RGB, HTML, Delphi, C++, VB, Hex, Decimal and FrontPage design when you want to do it.

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Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game


Two Brothers Software

Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Linux Version. Outsmart one to five computer players while attempting to capture hexes on a map. Several map designs available with full version

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Well balanced tetris-style game.

Magic Tetcolor

Agentix Software

Balanced tetris-style game with intuitive rules and many options (skins, midi player). Easy-to-play fun for the entire family. The game asks you to rotate falling blocks to line up three or more of the same color. Move too slowly and the game board fills up to end the game. High scores are recorded, and an honor roll with nice funny icons keeps track of the family experts.

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