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Software wite blocker for computer forensics.

SAFE Block

ForensicSoft Inc

SAFE Block is a software write blocker computer forensics tool for the Windows 2000/XP operating systems. SAFE Block facilitates the quick and safe acquisition and/or analysis of any disk or flash medi attached directly to your workstation. It is faster than hardware write blockers, identifies and allow unlocking Host Protected Areas (HPAs) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCOs), and provide automatic write blocking of devices.

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World's Largest Spider Games Collection

Spider Collection

Zonora Technologies

Spider Collection is World's Largest Spider Games Collection with 62 Spider Games including 11 standard games and 51 original games which you will not find anywhere else. Spider Collection has many new features like 999 trillion(999,999,999,999,999) shuffles,add/organize favorites, move incomplete games to pending list, hot games, save a game and open the saved game, incomplete and finished games auto save and more...

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293 Simple and Delicious China Food Recipes

ChinaFood Recipe

ChinaRecipe inc

Chinafood Recipe is easy to use recipe software that allows you to collect, exchange and organize your recipes and much more. Print out cookbooks, create web pages! Large databases totaling over 290 China food recipes available to download.

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Function-enhancing mouse software.


UltraMouse is a very cool utility to help you make better use of your mouse by popping up a button menu and other move-based trigger, you can assign a function to every trigger, the functions includes simulate keystokes, launch a file, or many pre-defined internal functions.

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