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Convert DVD and save for iPhone

Movavi DVD to iPhone


DVD to iPhone converter is a powerful video application for ripping DVDs for iPhone. With DVD to iPhone converter, you can easily convert any of your unprotected DVDs to MP4 format for iPhone use at blazing speeds!

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Load, view and improve digital camera photos


Dipl.-Inform. Bernd Bock

CammyPlus speeds up your daily work with digital photos and makes editing with clearly arranged pictures possible in full-screen view. - Renaming using EXIF information - Red, green, and blue markers - Rotate / mirror - Delete photos - Image processing functions - Cropping for photo prints - Noise reduction - Red eyes reduction - Resize photos - HTML photo album - eMail functions* * soon available

Software Keywords: gamma camera resize crop digital management

Convert video and save for iPhone

Movavi iPhone Video Converter


iPhone Video converter is a simple yet smart and powerful iPhone video conversion program. With iPhone Video converter, you can easily convert any of your favorite videos to the MP4 format to watch on your iPhone use at blazing speeds!

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Calculate Mileage Charts with MS MapPoint


Winwaed Software Technology

Calculate Mileage Charts and Tables with MS MapPoint. Calculate tables for serving customers and suppliers, or to create "road atlas" tables. Can output route distances, travel times and/or estimated costs to an Excel Spreadsheet. Supports ALL MapPoint routing options including fastest/shortest/preferred-road routes, road speeds, and avoid polygons.

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Protect your Web surfing from pop-ups


Proxymis Multimedia

Automatically detect ad popup window and non-ad popup in IE. Destroys pop-ups before they open. Speeds up your surfing by stopping all unsollicited pop ups. Audible alerts let you know when popup has been killed No configuration required, no black lists: Run 0 pop and that is all.

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Fast vector and matrix library for Delphi2006

OptiVec for Delphi 2006

OptiCode - Dr. Martin Sander Software Dev.

OptiVec brings the power of vectorized programming to the PC. Replacing loops over data arrays by the hand-optimized, Assembler-written vector and matrix functions of OptiVec speeds up program execution by up to 2-3 times and enhances accuracy and safety. More than 3500 functions for math, statistics, analysis, signal processing, matrix operations, curve fitting, graphics etc. For Borland Delphi 2006.

Software Keywords: math programming inversion matrix library function

 The Ultimate Super Cycle Combat Game

Sonic Speedsters

Shorty Short Productions

Sonic Speedsters is an intense PC action video game, with a mix of arena-style combat, motorcycle racing, and reflex strategy. With more than 20 levels, 6 speedsters and multiple AI opponents, Sonic Speedsters provides hours and hours of single player game play, as well as free online multi-player Internet play.

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BSTA is an add-on for BearShare utility.

BearShare Turbo Accelerator

Web Speeders

BearShare Turbo Accelerator is an add-on for people who use BearShare P2P file sharing utility to download music, movies, books and any other files. It provides extra functionality and features to enhance download experience of BearShare application: will automatically speeds up the download process and will find the files you desire with far more power than regular searches.

Software Keywords: speed search

Rapid Web Application Development Environment


Ebase Technology Ltd

Revolutionary transactional web application development environment. Features a high speed development of transactional web applications, ranging from E-FORMS to sophisticated back office systems. Includes enterprise workflow and application integration engine. Speeds development process by abstracting complexity and replacing low-level coding with visual design. Extensive support for XML and web services, databases. Massive productivity gains.

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Educational orbit and gravitation simulator

Orbit Xplorer


Educational orbit and gravitation simulator for high school, college and beginning university physics and astronomy. Easily create, run, print and save a simulation. Includes 29 introductory to advanced premade simulations with activities page in html-format. Uses actual pictures of planets. Plot orbits in a plane or in 3D. View time, distances, speeds, accelerations and energies as they change. Zoom and change parameters during the simulation.

Software Keywords: college physics simulator gravitation gravity high orbit simulation


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