Stay-go Software

 Software for hiding a file of any size.

Hermetic Stego

Hermetic Systems

A program to hide a message file of any size within one or more BMP image files. Uses a stego key for encryption and randomization of bit-insertion. Allows use of a default stego key for transmission of a message to others. Designed to resist detection of hidden message by statistical tests.

Software Keywords: graphics files invisible secret stego cryptography encryption

Logs all users' typing in the file

BlazingTools Perfect Keylogger Lite

BlazingTools Software

Do you want to know what your buddy or colleague is typing? May be you want to control your family members - what are they doing on your computer? Some applications of the keylogger: - Monitor children’s activity for parents - Monitor what programs opened and when - Recall what you wrote some time ago - Special purposes It logs in a protected file all users' typing.

Software Keywords: keyboard monitor logs users surviellance keyboard spy typing

Captures and edits images & video (w/ sound).

Capture Professional

Creative Softworx, Inc.

Capture Professional captures images and video (w/ sound) from menus, windows, rectangles and more. It captures from games and media player applications. It scrolls browsers to capture entire web pages. Multiple monitor support is inlcuded. A wizard and assistant make it easy to learn. Its infinite undo editor features 18 drawing tools, 50+ previewable operations and macro support. It saves, previews and opens AVI, BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF and more.

Software Keywords: capture wizard video image audio sound

The EFFICIENT solution to junk e-mail.

SpamBurner LLC

SpamBurner is more than a spam filtering tool, it is also a great e-mail reader, which can help protect you from e-mail based viruses as well (as it allows viewing of messages in text form, even if the message has complex HTML and Javascript coding! SpamBurner strips it down, and makes it readable) -- plus, SpamBurner supports Microsoft's Outlook Express message viewer too. It supports POP3, and offline e-mail in Eudora and Microsoft Outlook.

Software Keywords: email filter junk email anti-spam mail unsolicited junk unsolicited spam anti-spam email


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