Stopnetsend Software

A tool to stop the University Diplomas popups

Stop NetSend

John Marcovich

A tool to stop the pesky University Diplomas popups. Just download and run this tool and you will NEVER receive this kind of messages.

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A package for automatic creation of webforms

#1 Form Mail Software

Conkurent, LLC

EasyFormIt lets you design your webforms any way you want, asking your visitors as many questions you like. The form submissions are saved in database and emailed to you every time a visitor submits a form. You can make form just in 3 clicks!

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eBook- Learn to hypnotize yourself or anyone!

Learn Hypnosis... Now! eBook - Acrobat PDF

Liquid Mirror Enterprises

Now you can be one of the elite group of people that know the secrets of hypnosis! We'll take the mystery and the hocus-pocus out of hypnosis and give you the facts, in plain, easy to read English. No PhD is required. No degree or even knowledge of psychology is needed. There is no age limit, no restrictions. Yes, even you can Learn Hypnosis... Now! Free downloadable hypnosis induction included! Details inside the book, so download it now!

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Easy and affordable photo editing software.

ACD FotoCanvas

ACD Systems

ACD FotoCanvas, your easy and affordable photo editing software, includes all the essential editing and correction tools and no confusing controls you don't need. Plus, get creative with talk bubbles and 40 stylish filters. Get accurate color with professional color management. A powerful image editor at an affordable price: "Unusually well-conceived," says American Photo magazine.

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