Student Internet Usage Control Software

Control Internet access, Block applications

Browse Control

Codework Ltd

Browse Control performs Internet Access Control and Application Blocking to clamp down on users spending time on non-work related web activities and also prevents users from running unauthorised software such as KazaA, etc. Internet access can be completely blocked or just restricted to specified websites (White list). The application blocker can stop ANY application from running.

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Very nice scenes from nature

Nature1 Screensaver

Screen Maniacs

This screensaver show a beautiful images of the Nature of Earth.You'll see: mountains, nature power, landscapes, oceans, mighty falls and the another.

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Flight over a maze of pipes.

3D Dizzy Pipe Line


Feel the sensation of a dizzy flight over a maze of pipes. Moving in all three dimensions. The sensation of top and bottom is lost after the first seconds. Fantastic pipe textures that don't repeat themselves once. Dizziness is guaranteed.

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Develop Database Applications with TD 5.0



Simplify your .NET development with TierDeveloper. TierDeveloper lets you map your .NET business components against your relational databases, embed complex SQL in them along with your business rules, and generate truly object oriented .NET components in C# and VB.NET. Use these components in COM+ or stand-alone environments and in ASP.NET or Windows Forms applications.

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