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Pass 70-620 for MCTS certification.

70-620 MCTS: Windows Vista Certification


Pass MCTS 70-620 exam in first attempt. 260 questions with detailed explanation and 70 study notes. 70-620 - Windows Vista Certification study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Microsoft certification exam pattern. Download exam simulation and study guide. Download practice test for Microsoft exam 70-620 Now. Based on latest MCTS certification exam pattern. Download MCTS 70-620 Now

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Technical analysis of stocks and commodities


AmiBroker is a comprehensive technical analysis program, allowing you to study and predict trends in the market and to maintain a portfolio of shares. AmiBroker has a custom programming language called AFL which incorporates over 100 analysis functions, allowing you to back-test your trading systems (with detailed reporting), build custom chart indicators and perform screening of large databases.

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Christian dream and vision journal software.

Joel''s Journal

Freedom Software

Joel's Journal is a software program designed to help you learn to hear God's voice through your dreams and visions. Features include automatic spell checking, Bible study tools, powerful search capability, graphs, diagramming tool, symbols list, automatic saves and backups, and much more. Download the free 30 day demo and see for yourself!

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The DrillBit Machine

DrillBit Machine

Mill367 Educational Software

The DrillBit Machine is a tiny educational program that assists the learning process through repetitive Q&A. Used as a study or testing tool, a student or teacher can create an unlimited number of question files (DrillBits) and use them with the DrillBit Machine to test the knowledge of any subject.

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Pass MCSE-2003-Security certification.

MCSE-2003: Security Complete Collection


Pass MCSE-2003-Security certification exam in first attempt. Includes exam simulator for 70-290 + 70-291 + 70-293 + 70-294 + 70-270 + 70-298 + 70-299 + 70-227 certification exams. 2445 questions with detailed explanation and 806 study notes. MCSE-2003-Security - MCSE-2003: Security Complete Collection study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest MCSE-2003-Security certification exam pattern. Down

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Alkitab is a free desktop bible study tools.

Alkitab Bible Study


Alkitab is an open source and free desktop bible software. It supports parallel view, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries, glossaries, and daily devotions, with powerful search capability. It features rich and user friendly bible study tools.

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The best way to memorize foreign words


The program of "Words" allows you to learn new words while working (without interrupting your work). You can choose the topics to study. You can add any words you need. It has comfortable interface, it can be easily configured according to your wishes. In certain intervals you will be asked to translate several words ( the duration of the periods and the number of the words you may set on your own).

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Free Bible Study - Add Any Text

Free Bible Study - Add Any Texts

Put all of your Bible study material into one convenient location. Search quickly on those resources related to a topic you are studying. Import sermons, talks, online research, essays etc. 1 click search. Features include: Easy navigation, a search box that works just like Google, one click access to email, printing and a clean, uncluttered user experience. No previous Bible software experience needed. English and Spanish Bibles included.

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Photoshop video-book

As Simple As Photoshop

Andrei Doubrovski

Video-book for Photoshop users dramatically speeding up your study. Tutorials are illustrated with 198 movie clips (total running time: 291 min). The book takes you by the hand and shows you around Photoshop, allowing you to combine all possible methods of learning. Read it, watch it, hear to it and follow it.

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Atlas with detailed informatoin, maps, flags.

AW Geographical Atlas


Learn more about countries in the World. Keep this atlas as the reference when you need geographical information such as country location, neighbours, capital, population, economy, military and more including country map and flag pictures. Whenever you solve a crossword puzzle, perform study research, watch TV news or just get interested in geography - this atlas helps you with detailed, well organized, cross-referenced information.

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