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Rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar

Taskbar Control

Pointstone Software

What does Taskbar Control do? Taskbar Control is a simple (and free!) way to arrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by simply dragging and drop them. Who needs Taskbar Control? Anyone who uses a computer really. If you ever wanted to arrange to buttons on your Windows Taskbar without having to close and reopen all applications, here is the solution for your problem.

Software Keywords: modify rearrange configure taskbar

MSD Tasks, complete visual task manager

MSD Tasks

MSD Soft

MSD Tasks is a visual task manager that allows organizing visually the tasks of several people at the same time. The secretary will be able to organize her boss agenda, a professional will be able to manage his clients visits, or a staff member will be able to control the activities of his personnel. A multi-user version is also available, which allows accessing MSD Tasks information in a local network.

Software Keywords: calendar visual task manager tasks task manager

Spb Diary is a feature-rich Today plug-in for

Spb Diary

Spb Software House

Spb Diary is a feature-rich Today plug-in for your Calendar, Tasks and Contacts. This software is a powerful replacement for the standard Today plug-ins for appointments and tasks known to have poor functionality. This is Pocket PC software for iPAQ, Dell Axim, Acer, T-Mobile MDA, O2 XDA, Orange SVP, Siemens E-Ten and other PDA devices.

Software Keywords: mobile pc ppc spb appointments contacts

(Re)start the shell with the press of a key!

ShellDispenser for NSE development


No more "Kill task" via Task Manager to kill Explorer (which is the improper way); no more fidling around in the "Turn off computer" screen. ShellDispenser allows you to restart the shell with the press of a key! If restarting the shell is a part of your job, then ShellDispenser is the tool you have been looking for. * Close and (re)start the shell with the press of a key * Closes the shell the proper way * Complete command line support

Software Keywords: shell command line windows explorer restart close task manager

Project management software server solution

RationalPlan Project Server

RationalPlan Project Management Software

RationalPlan Project Server is a project management platform capable of handling multiple interrelated projects and concurrent user modifications. It is the best project management software solution for those that need to work as a team on common tasks and projects. It provides a centralized management solution for company's projects while offering concurrent/controlled access for different users.

Software Keywords: task scheduling share resources multi project software multiple project management software team work multiple project

Simple tasks and notes organizer


Yuriy Volokitin

MyQuickReminder is a simple information manager which allows you to maintain a list of notes and tasks. Key features: - You can define your own keywords for each note/task - Keywords search function enables you to search note/task easily - Quick glance at the state of tasks - Support URL detection (links will be highlighted and clickable) - The program is portable and can be run from the USB flash drive - Easy-to-use

Software Keywords: simple personal planning pim search url

Memory Zipper frees, optimizes, defrag memory

Systweak Memory Zipper Plus

Systweak Inc.

Increases RAM for applications and the operating system. Defrags system memory. Comes with CPU Cooler to save power. Recovers unused RAM from Windows. Repair memory leaks, and avoids crashes, system hangup and blue screens. Performance tune up with file caching and Virtual Memory settings. Loads applications up to 30% faster. No performance degradding compression. Comes with Task Manager. Comes with Data Safe to prevent data loss.

Software Keywords: resource memory repair optimize task manager safe

Taskbar for Internet Explorer.

Switch Manager Pro

SMP group

Switch Manager Pro is a bar that can run on any side of your desktop (or even floating), similar to the standard Windows taskbar, but it shows only Internet Explorer buttons, removing them from the system taskbar. The program allows you to optionally close all browser windows at once, open them in a maximized window or even a custom position.

Software Keywords: navigation ie internet explorer speeds

Automate repeated tasks in Windows.

12Ghosts Robo

12Ghosts Inc.

At certain events (appearing of a Window, for example), let this helper respond on your behalf. No longer bother about regular questions, for example if you want to create a new firewall rule now ('No'), hang up your Internet connection ('No!'), or if you want to accept the other cookie ('Argh!'). This Windows extension also starts programs, for example 12-WinControl to position a window. Automate repeated tasks in Windows.

Software Keywords: respond automate action click helper

Control completo sobre ventanas!

Actual Handy Windows

Actual Tools

Make windows handier and easier to use! Add new Rollup/Unroll, Minimize to Tray, Stay on Top buttons to any window title bar near the standard buttons. Minimize windows to Tray or to any screen edge. Roll them up into a title bar instead of an icon. Automatically close annoying windows, maximize or minimize windows on startup, save and restore windows size or position, prevent accidental close of windows. Customize any window to suit your tastes!

Software Keywords: rollup popup startup minimize taskbar maximize


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