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Driver development tool, hardware debugger


EnTech Taiwan

RapidDriver is intelligent tool for driver development, PC hardware analysis and debugging. Install your new hardware, create a new RapidDriver project, and then select your device from the list of PnP devices that are auto-detected by the RapidDrive. - Discover and debug your device with RapidDriver Explorer - Build user mode application with RapidDrtiver Developer - Create your own device driver with RapidDriver Source Builder

Software Keywords: irq hardware pci memory debugger port

For  MCSD, MCP certifications.

uCertify Collection for test 70-175 | 70-176


Get one test free with each PrepKit in this Collection!. Prepare for 70-175 | 70-176 certification tests. Use this Collection to be certified on MCSD, MCP certifications. Each PrepKit in this Collection comes with Money Back Guarantee.

Software Keywords: mcp get visual basic 6-0 desktop mcsd

Create and manage your own virtual drive

Virtual Drive SDK

Eterlogic Software

Virtual Drive SDK allows you to create and manage virtual disks that appear in Windows as regular disks. Virtual disk can be located anywhere: on hard disk, network, random access memory, database etc. Virtual Drive SDK makes possible to implement read/write operations without having to develop your own kernel driver. All necessary part of boring work is done, so you can focus on storage, encryption etc.

Software Keywords: emulate sdk virtual disk drive

XSLT Editor with full Intellisense



Xselerator is an IDE based editor for working with and debugging XSL/XSLT. A few of the many features included are: Automatic tag completion, color syntax highlighting, stepping and breakpoint debugging, an XPath query analyaer, and and edit/tree/browser view modes. A free 30 day trial is available at vbxml.com

Software Keywords: debugger xslt full xml xsl developer

actiTRADER - Free Commodity Trading Software


Actimind, Inc.

actiTRADER is a Java-based software platform for active traders and brokers who need to implement and verify their trading strategies. actiTRADER will facilitate your job with powerful market simulation tools, instruments of technical analysis and comprehensive trading statistics. actiTRADER is the only free-of-charge software that supports portfolio trading and portfolio money management.

Software Keywords: technical analysis software automated trading free software stock market simulation trading free paper trading software free stock strategy trading java-based

Advanced Serial Port Terminal Software.

Serial Port Terminal

ELTIMA Software GmbH

Advanced Serial Port Terminal is a great tool for developers that lets connect to any number of serial ports (including virtual ones) or to remote computer using null modem cable. The application lets you open as many serial ports as you like; dynamically change serial port settings without closing and reopening current port; adjust baudrate, databits, stop bits, flow control parameters; save all received bytes into a file and do lots more.

Software Keywords: emulate rs232 terminal redirect serial data streams connect to serial port device sniff and analyze com ports windows serial terminal serial port terminal

Command line utility to run Phantom scripts.


Phantom Automated Solutions, Inc.

Phantom is a powerful scripting language used to automate windows and controls on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Phantom scripts can be used to automate complex application test procedures as well as automate time consuming tasks. The Phantom language is extremely robust, stable, and flexible, and can automate almost any process. The language is easy to learn yet fully featured. This is a free command line interpreter for Phantom scripts.

Software Keywords: scripts scripting automation command automate


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