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Fill in your password easily from anywhere

Aha Password and Info Manager


You can store ID, passwords, and all the information securely in your computer or our network server and access it from anywhere on the glove. Instead of typing or inconvenient copy-and-paste, you can use drag-drop or just press hot key (Ctrl+1 for ID, Ctrl+2 for Password, Ctrl+3 through Ctrl+9 for your other data). When you work with several windows at the same time, as you switch from a window to another, it shows what you need automatically.

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MSN, Yahoo & ICQ in one multi IM application


Axmate Inc.

Axmate is the a multi chat application that enables the users worldwide to use MSN Messenger, YAHOO! Messenger and ICQ in one application, Axmate. The application has many add-on features (i.e. fire transfer, sound effects, Unicode typing and multi-languages,?etc.) Axmate IM client allows you to seamlessly integrate all of your communications traffic in a single, sleek package.

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On the fly spell check, speed type, save time


Fanix Software

Type more accurately and much faster with this OS-level real time spell check and speed typing software. It can adapt itself to your keyboarding habit, learn from your typing mistakes, spell check and automatically correct spelling mistakes as you type, automate difficult and repetitive typing tasks, support multiple clipboards and all other innovative solutions not known before to give you accurate and fast typing in all Windows applications.

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Inputs stored phrases to text boxes.

Fast Form Filler

Leithauser Research

Fast Form Filler saves you time typing routine information into forms, both on the Internet and in programs. It allows you to store a list of phrases, such as your name, address, credit card numbers, email address, or passwords. It then displays a list of all stored phrases on the main screen. Click on a phrase and then click on an input box on a Web page or program, and Fast Form Filler types the phrase for you. Saves you hours of typing.

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Palm Dictate is a professional voice recorder

Palm Dictate Dictation Recorder

NCH Swift Sound Software

Palm Dictate is a professional voice recorder for Palm OS. You dictate directly on your Palm PC using the buttons on the unit. When done, tap send and the dictation will be compressed, encrypted and sent to your typist by email automatically. If you install Palm Dictate you will quickly find it will replace your old dictaphone and, by using the internet to send dictations, will improve the turnaround on typing.

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SIM card editor - mobile phone card manager

Dekart SIM Manager


With SIM Manager, you can easily create, edit, and backup phonebook entries using your PC and stop typing in information using the mobile phone's keypad. Manage your PIN codes, transfer data from one SIM to another, backup and export/import all phonebook entries. Dekart SIM Manager works with any SIM card using any compatible PC/SC smart card reader to set up, transfer and change user data.

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Track body weight & BMI with Palm OS PDA.

UTS Weight for Palm OS

UTrackSys.com LLC

Track body weight & BMI with Palm OS PDA. Use this set outstanding features to manage your body weight: - Colored records for weight loss and gain. - New unique interface to enter weight values with two taps of stylus. No more typing needed. - Shoe and clothes weight specification. - Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation. - Ability to set the weight change program. - Notes for entered values. - Interactive Charts and Diagrams. - ...

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Rename and add comments to digital photos.

Picnam Digital Photo Renamer

Black Hill Software

Rename digital photos quickly and easily. Give your digital photos meaningful names. Renaming is as simple as typing the new name and hitting enter. No right clicking or navigating through menus is required. The bulk rename function allows you to rename a group of pictures using patterns including parts of the old name, incrementing numbers and a counter. Add comments to photos, which are stored in a text file alongside the image file.

Software Keywords: txt photograph jpeg filename text rename

InstantNavigator for OneNote

ExtraMind Systems

InstantNavigator is a productivity plug-in that enhances Microsoft OneNote with an instant "quick-as-you-type" search capability. Once installed, InstantNavigator lets you find a note in much the same way as Vista Instant Search - just start typing the first letters of a keyword into the search box and get the note you're looking for instantly. InstantNavigator's search box can be opened from anywhere in Windows by pressing the predefined hotke

Software Keywords: powertoy quick-as-you-type search quick search productivity microsoft onenote

Instant access to applications and documents

Better Launcher


Better Launcher provides instant access to all your applications, documents and folders. Just press F10 key and start typing what application name you would like to launch. After a few key strokes this software will find a correct application to launch. Tired of clicking through the programs menu to find a correct application? Then this launcher software is right for you.

Software Keywords: launch documents indexing information applications organizer


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