Us-to-metric Software

US-to-Metric converter

Universal Converter


This Universal Converter converts US units to their Metric counterparts and conversely. Select the type of unit to convert (length, speed, surface, temperature, volume, weight), select the conversion to apply US-to-Metric or Metric-to-US, enter the value to convert, the source and the target units, the conversion is made on the fly.

Software Keywords: unit metric surface volume length weight

Durable and secure SMTP/POP3 server

Best SMTP Server


Durable SMTP/POP3 server program. Can be used as a corporate or personal server. Use with any SMTP compliant mail client. Accept mail on behalf of your users. Simple, powerful and bullet-proof. Lots of security features to protect the server from DDoS attacks and block SPAM. Multiple SMTP gateways in case you cannot deliver your email directly to the destination. Use parameterized mailing to send customized messages to many recipients

Software Keywords: against pop ddos spam features

Batch convert DWG to DWF, DXF to DWF.

Any DWG to DWF Converter

AnyDWG Software, Inc

Any DWG to DWF Converter is a batch converter that allows you to convert DWG to DWF, DXF to DWF without the need of AutoCAD.

Software Keywords: need convert dwg to dwf dxf dwf convert autocad

Bring beauty to your desktop

Flower Color Screensaver Light

Finesse Labs

Flower Color Screensaver colors your lovely desktop with nice and beautiful flowers. See your windows covered with flower carpet during your computer inactivity time.

Software Keywords: beautiful desktop screensaver lovely flower screen saver


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