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Video to Flash Console with command prompt.

Video to Flash Console


Video to Flash Console is a command linel tool for converting your digital videos to SWF or FLV in a batch script or command line konsole mode.You can use console Video to Flash Converter on a webservers and run conversion using command line parameters automatically by scheduling or by script calling. Video to Flash Converter Console provide SWF and FLV files ready for the web. You will have Full control over the converted Flash Video and audio.

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Download many thousands PLS, ASX or M3U

Shout Scan PLS ASX M3U


ShoutScan downloads many thousands PLS, ASX or M3U files to a local list of MP3 or ACC+ Stations. Ideal for building a local list of shoutcast MP3 stations suitable for use with the XBOX Media (XBMP/XBMC) and Windows Media player. Download all genres in a single run! Specify the number of Stations to download per genre. Choose a specific genre to be downloaded, Select Min/max bitrate, highest bitrate first, search by name and format

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AltaLux can enhance images with poor lighting


Stefano Tommesani

AltaLux is an image processing technology that can significantly enhance the quality of images and videos with poor lighting conditions. Using innovative implementation that fully exploits the capabilities of current processors the software able to process well over 120 full-resolution, 720 x 576 pixels frames per second on common processors.This make it suitable for real-time enhancement of multiple video streams.

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Destroy the New DemonStar !

DemonStar - Secret Missions 1

Mountain King Studios Inc

The Xidus have been developing in secret new, more powerful DemonStar ships to destroy Earth. Your job is to battle your way through hordes of new enemies, and destroy their devastating new weapons! The first in the new series of DemonStar spinoff titles using an enhanced version of the original engine. Secret Missions 1 is DemonStar infused with arcade quality graphics, sound FX and backed up with all new levels and music soundtrack.

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