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The Matrix movie based 3D Screensaver

MatrixWorld 3D Screensaver

Digital Minds Software

Did you ever see The Matrix movie ? Hope, no further comments needed... Just transfer yourself into the Matrix World! The matrix stripes, warping desktop, flying objects, matrix tunnel and other visual effects are included.

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Media editing software


Anetac Software Solutions

This program can be used to assemble your multimedia files into visual presentations complete with video and audio transition effects.

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Screenshots and Thumbnails of Web Pages

Snapshotter Pro


Snapshotter Pro is a Windows program that allows you to take screenshots and thumbnails of web pages or whole websites and convert html or text files to images. It is a visual interface for easy management and watching. The following image formats are supported JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF.

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Maximum productivity calculator

ActiCalc Desktop Calculator

Parmerlee, Inc.

Easy-to-use general-purpose desktop calculator featuring a visual tape that behaves like a spreadsheet, recording all calculations and permitting prior entries to be updated. This tape has one-click integration with Microsoft Excel to allow simple calculation sequences to seamlessly evolve into complex spreadsheets. Version 2.5 enables users to cycle through any recently saved calculation tapes with one mouse click.

Software Keywords: calculator spreadsheet integration spreadsheet-like finance tape



Bluefive software

PCLoupe is a small display utility that shows a magnified image of the area around your mousepointer in its window. You can move or resize this window, change its refresh rate, and make it topmost if you like. Great for graphic artists or the visual impaired.

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Compare two HTML files with HTML Match.

HTML Match

Salty Brine Software

HTML Match is the best HTML comparison tool for Windows 2000/NT/XP available on the Internet today. Winner of the Best Web Enhancement at the 2005 Shareware Industry Awards, it analyzes the changes between two revisions of an HTML file. Beneficial for all Internet development professionals. Compare Visual Aspects, Source Code, or Text Content in a composite or side-by-side view.

Software Keywords: web site htmlmatch web design publishing version control technical writer

SetVB2Java - Convert VB Forms to Java Code

getObject - SetVB2Java

Erik Zimmermann

This is an easy-to-use component for migration of Visual Basic Forms and UserControls into pure Java source code. You just have to implement SetVB2Java into your Visual Basic IDE and your forms and UserControls will be converted within a few minutes. The most important information about the controls will be read and implemented into Java code. During the migration different listeners will be created and implemented.

Software Keywords: vb2java vb gui java vb2java forms java migration vbtojava vb form to java jform

Fantasy adventure in the underwater kingdom

Ozzy Bubbles

Realore Studios

Ozzy Bubbles is a fantasy adventure in the underwater kingdom where your objective is to save the inhabitants from the danger of monsters. 12 types of monsters, 4 bosses, 40 game levels, 17 various bonuses and a classic arcade gameplay make your adventures thrilling and unforgettable. The superb graphics, fantastic visual effects, soundtrack and music complete the story line perfectly. The game is challenging, fun and suitable for all ages.

Software Keywords: ozzy adventure bubbles underwater water sea

Feature-packed Button ActiveX control

HotButton ActiveX Control

EzTools Software

Feature-packed Button control for developers who want an alternative to the standard Windows button you get with Visual Basic, .NET, and C++. Can be used on Microsoft Webbrowser component / Internet Explorer webpages .

Software Keywords: custom activex control component button hotbutton

ActiveX / COM component for the PocketPC


TMG Development Ltd

CryptoTextCE is an ActiveX / COM component written in ATLCE for the PocketPC. It provides simple access to the CryptoAPI in Windows CE from embedded Visual Basic and embedded Visual C++. CryptoTextCE is a companion product to CryptoText for the desktop, and data encrypted on the PocketPC using CryptoTextCE can be decrypted on Windows NT/9x using CryptoText and vice versa.

Software Keywords: com pocketpc access encryption ce encrypt


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