Vspd Xp Software

Virtual Serial Port Driver emulates COM-ports

Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4.5

ELTIMA Software GmbH

Virtual Serial Port Driver XP (VSPD XP) creates virtual com ports in your system and connects them via reliable virtual link, which emulates real null-modem cable. With VSPD XP you can connect one application to another using virtual serial ports pair. Applications will be able to exchange data. The latest version of VSPD XP now supports full baudrate emulation. New manual and examples are available.

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Create virtual serial ports in your system

Eltima Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP

Virtual Rs232 Software

Eltima Virtual Serial Ports Driver XP 5.1 enables to create any number of pure virtual serial ports in your system connected into pairs via virtual null-modem cable without using any real serial ports. Virtual Serial Ports appear to operating system or any Windows application as "standard" hardware serial ports. This is helpful for serial software and GPS software developers, telecommunication and data transmission specialists.

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Add pop tip bar to your web page

Javascript PopupTip Builder


Javascript PopupTip Builder is a powerful Javascript-producing design tool for creating pop tip on Web pages. You can define text, font, color, and more for the Javascript. There is no need to write any code by yourself. Javascript Configuration Program will generate it for you. You can preview the Javascript in your favourite web browser without exiting the program.

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E-book software for 40,000 Hadith collection

Ekabakti E-Hadith Software E-book


E-book software oriented for Hadith Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Offer the 6 books of hadith including Sahih Bukhari, Sahh Muslim, Sunan Abi Daud, Sunan Al-Nasaie, Sunan Al-Tarmidzi and Sunan Ibnu Majah. Supported on non Arabic enabled environment. Text presented in Arabic and the interface is in English. Text could be copy and transfered to word processor eg. Microsoft Word 2000 - 2003. Complete with diacritical marks and sanad.

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Ascensio Match Expert

Ascensio Match Expert

Ascensio System Limited

Ascensio Match Expert is a part of the hardware-software complex Ascensio System, used for professional and advanced performance analysis of football matches. With Ascensio Match Expert you can see full statistic of the match - passes, goals, avg. position, speed and acceleration, trajectories of the players und even more. Data is represented graphically (3-D, 2-D model of the match) and as various interactive statistical tables and charts.

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