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Web based File Manager developed with ASP.NET

Web Based File Manager in ASP.NET


FileVista is a web based file management solution developed with ASP.NET technology. Basically, it will turn your standard browser into "Windows Explorer" like user interface and allow managing files on your web server on the fly. It's a complete replacement of traditional FTP, allowing you to manage files on your web server just with a web browser instead of a FTP client that you would have to install on the client computer first.

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ASP.NET Control for Web based File Management



FileVistaControl is an ASP.NET user control (.ascx control) which you can add directly to your existing ASP.NET (.aspx) pages. The control renders an user interface similar to "Windows Explorer" within the page and this user interface allows you to view the contents of the predefined root folders and allow complete file management actions within those folders.

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Lifespan Age Calc subtracts dates.

Lifespan Age Calculator by Peter Riddell

Peter Riddell

LIFESPAN AGE CALCULATOR can subtract dates answering in days months and years elapsed. Can also subtract an age from an end date to caclulate a start date.. A tiny footprint (35k zipped, 80k unzipped) makes Lifespan easy to email to a friend, even on dialup, and easy on your computer too. Did I mention it's a free way for home users to subtract dates? Hope you like it. kind regards, Peter Riddell

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Make screensavers with Flash, images and text

Flash ScreenSaver Builder

XemiComputers Ltd.

This screensaver maker allows you to use Flash SWF files in screensavers along with images, text and multimedia: WAV, AVI, MP3. It features many transition effects, command language, brand-free installer, wizard, templates and Flash-to-SCR quick tool

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Save time generating code

Code Generator Pro


This application is designed to provide you with straight forward code generated in order to save your time and currently most web applications needs administration module or designed to insert, update and view data beside the business logic which is the core of any web application this edition of Code Generator Pro offers many features to create easy tasks for you and give you more space space to handle the core of your application.

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