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Translate Plus : translate your website...

Translate your website into 11 languages

Sincope, Inc.

Translate Plus is the ultimate script which translates your website into many languages, allowing you to bring international visitors to your website.

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Document Management Software


CHL Software

DocMoto is a straight forward Document Manager designed for all levels of user. DocMoto incorporates all the key document management technologies including version tracking, powerful security and multi-user capability. A complete implementation of the WebDAV protocol DocMoto is fully Internet compliant. Docmoto requires no additional software and can be installed and configured in minutes.

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A ear training game to recognize music notes

Happy Note! Play It By Ear

Happy Note!

A real computer game (with points,lives, Hi-Score list etc.) that teaches you to recognize music notes by ear. Easy to customize, Happy Note! Play It By Ear lets you learn at your own pace. It requires no previous knowledge of music. Its user-friendly interface allows you to start playing and learning right away, and its "Cartoons" option makes it even more fun. It features the same Learning menu as the game Happy Note! Treble and Bass Clef.

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scrubbing brush for for your Windows-System



WashAndGo gives you the power to remove this space-wasting garbage from your system. For example WashAndGo can remove *.bak, *.tmp files, etc, also 0-Byte files and wrong uninstall entries. It has the capability to delete defective links, empty the TEMP directory of your system, erase old browser cache-files and clean your start folders. This is just a small selection of the program's clean-up-tools.

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