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Terminator 3 - Movie Screensaver

Terminator 3 ScreenSaver


John Connor is in his early twenties. Now a female terminator called T-X or Terminatrix is after him. The T-800 is sent back through time to protect John once again on the verge of the rise of the machines.

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Create solutions for easy update of web pages

Web Update Builder

XemiComputers Ltd.

Web Update Builder creates small stand alone programs that will allow anybody to make easy updates to their web sites. Just add a couple of new tags to a web page, set some parameters and give your customers or colleagues reason to love you for.

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Alyssa Milano screen saver

Alyssa Milano


Alyssa Milano is the daughter of Italian-American parents Lin, a fashion designer, and Tom, a film music editor. Seen in Kiss the Bride, Buying the Cow, Jimmy Zip, Hugo Pool, Melrose Place, Public Enemies, Poison Ivy II, Commando

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Madagascar Screensaver

Madagascar ScreenSaver


This Madagascar screensaver present images, characters and scenes from the new DreamWorks movie in a high quality slideshow with animated effects. Cast overview: Ben Stiller as Alex the Lion, Chris Rock as Zebra, David Schwimmer as Girafee, etc. Plot Summary: At New York's Central Park Zoo, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, and a hippo are best friends and stars of the show.

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Make screensavers with Flash, images and text

Flash ScreenSaver Builder

XemiComputers Ltd.

This screensaver maker allows you to use Flash SWF files in screensavers along with images, text and multimedia: WAV, AVI, MP3. It features many transition effects, command language, brand-free installer, wizard, templates and Flash-to-SCR quick tool

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Record and share classes and lectures.

Lecture Recorder

XemiComputers Ltd.

This program allows you to record lectures and write notes and digests for them. Both text and OGG audio which is compressed on-the-fly are saved to the same easy to share lecture file. Exporting audio component and printing notes are also available.

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Daewoo Lanos screen saver

Daewoo Lanos Screen Saver


The style is Italian. The structural design and engines are German. The safety engineering is British. Daewoo Lanos is a masterpiece of automotive engineering. Period. Download this screen saver to see for yourself.

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Freeware sound recorder for all occasions.

Pocket Voice Recorder

XemiComputers Ltd.

Pocket Voice Recorder is freeware sound recorder that records equally well from microphone and any other input line available with your sound card. Recordings are organized as messages and may be easily exported to standard WAV sound file format.

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Customizable PIM on your desktop wallpaper

Active Desktop Calendar

XemiComputers Ltd.

Fully customizable calendar that displays data on the desktop wallpaper. It features interactive desktop interface, notes, tasks, alarms, data export/import/print and a screensaver. Create pleasant working atmosphere by changing icons, fonts, colors.

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BMW 1 Series Screensaver

BMW 1 Series ScreenSaver


This free BMW 1 Series screensaver presents new BMW 1 line in a high quality slideshow with animated effects. It starts from the moment you climb in, increases when you start up and raises the pulse rate with every kilometre you drive.

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