Zune Dvd Converter Software

Convert DVD and save for Zune

Movavi DVD to Zune


DVD to Zune converter is a multi-functional video application to rip unprotected DVDs for your Zune device. With DVD to Zune converter, you can easily convert any part of your unprotected DVDs to the MP4 format for your Zune device at blazing speeds!

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WeatherSig is a fun email signature software

Weather Signature


WeatherSig is a fun tool that displays your city weather conditions in your email signature for many popular mail programs. Your signature is inserted automatically into outgoing messages for Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and more. WeatherSig also allows popular fortune cookie abilities and customized signature settings for your business or private use. Includes thousands of one line jokes, proverbs, quotes of the day and more.

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Display thumbnails for images in icon files.


Inspired Creations

This software allows you to display thumbnails for images contained in icon files and cursors. An IconList control analyzes a specified icon(or cursor) and displays thumbnails for each image contained in them. Additionally returns detailed information about each image, such as the image's dimensions and the bit per pixel format. The control provides powerful 32 bit rendering, allowing to draw any image in the icon file, to a device context.

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MAPFORCE 2004 - visual XML + DB mapping tool


Altova, Inc.

MAPFORCE 2004 is a new visual data mapping tool for advanced data integration projects. MAPFORCE 2004 auto-generates custom mapping code in XSLT, Java, C++ and C#, to enable programmatic XML-to-XML or DB-to-XML data transformations. All transformations are available in one Design: multiple sources and multiple targets can be mixed without limitations, and a rich and extensible function library provides support for any kind of data manipulation.

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