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A searchable database of computer acronyms.


Prem De

A comprehensive searchable database of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms drawn from the world of Computers, Internet, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Electronics, Embedded Systems, Biotechnology etc. Supports reverse lookup.

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On-line reference software


GuruNet Corporation

GuruNet is the first answer engine -- the ultimate online reference library, with quick accurate dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, bios, tech terms, news, sports, weather, and much more

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Open source search engine


Datapark Corp.

DataparkSearch Engine is a full-featured open sources web-based search engine released under the GNU General Public License and designed to organize search within a website, group of websites, intranet or local system.

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Helps prevent OOS/RSI injuries


The Lost Continent of

SoundBreak helps remind you to take those little stretch and relax breaks that have been shown to help prevent the effects of Repetitive use injuries by unobtrusively playing random sound files of your choice - I use sound bites from old movies.

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Get reference on banking and finance terms.

Glossary of International Banking & Finance

I. Sharshakov dba Author

The Glossary of International Banking & Finance Acronyms and Abbreviations (En-Ru) will be of value not only to professional traders, journalists, students, but to anyone interested in the mechanics and terminology of today's markets.

abbreviations stock exchange stock market glossary corporate debt finance specialist

Classic Instructional Design methodology.

IPISD Weblet

Design 4 Instruction

Weblet Edition of Interservice Procedures for Instructional Systems Development. The classic reference for all subsequent instructional design methodologies. Licence to install on your personal PC's or your local intranet.

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zip and area codes, acronyms, unit converter

12Ghosts Lookup

12Ghosts Inc.

Click your way through to data in a snap of a second that would otherwise cost you hours to find on the Internet or in a book. Look up zip and area codes, compare countries worldwide, expand acronyms easily, or use a measurement converter.

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The ultimate domain name search software.

Ace Domain Name Search - Mozzle Pro


Find the ultimate populadomain name using powerful brainstorming: automatic thesaurus, advanced word groups with positioning, search engine and link popularity, pattern search, Net Speak?, trademark searches, exporting, 500+ domains and more!

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Study with this freeware medical dictionary.

XTerm Medical Dictionary


Study with this freeware medical dictionary. Get medical terms: disease and conditions, abbreviations, acronyms, measure units.

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