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Computer eyestrain prevention and relief

WorkPause: Anti-eyestrain & RSI tool

Praven3 Software

Do you work too much with computers? If you have eyestrain, back pain or repetitive strain injury (R.S.I.), then WorkPause is the right tool for you. It can help you prevent or relieve these illnesses, by ensuring you have adequate rest.

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Test Your knowledge of 80s Rock!

TriaTrivia: Return to 80s Rock!


Test your knowledge of 80s Rock with this game for 1 to 3 players. Play over 100 questions in this version, with over 500 questions in the full version. Easy to play using your mouse, even submit your score to the web site to compare to others!

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Creative Marketing plugin for ThoughtOffice


ThoughtOffice Corp.

eXpertMarketer: plug-in for ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software. Like IdeaFisher QBanks, has 100s of expert-level questions by leading marketing execs. Guides your process, triggers associations from your existing ideas, & builds new associations.

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Ready to test your knowledge?

Quizland (Windows)

Winter Wolves

With Quizland you can test your knowledge through a fun and simple game. With a database of over 1500 different questions, there's enough for anyone!

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