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Resizable, collapsible, DIV-based split panel

Zee Web Splitter for ASP.NET

ZettaCube Limited

Resizable, collapsible, nested, DIV-based split panels for ASP.NET applications. Appearances and behaviors of the splitters and panels can be flexibly customized. Works with MS ASP.NET AJAX. Supports all major browsers, and quirks/strict modes.

splitter bars page layout tool time support borders time panel color background

Dashboard and Web Part Framework for ASP.NET

Asp.Net Dashboard and Widget Toolkit

Kalitte Information Technologies

Dynamic Dashboards Toolkit provides you a browser independent platform for creating ajax drag-drop widgets and digital dashboards in your Asp.Net Application. Just download the trial and watch the tutorial to see easy usage and powerful architecture.

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Visual Studio style docking/autohiding panels

Zee WebDock Docking Control for ASP.NET

ZettaCube Limited

First ASP.NET server control that creates Visual Studio style docking panels. Can auto-hide/slide-open/maximize/pin tabbed-panels. Appearance customizable via CSS & Themes. Works with MS ASP.NET AJAX. Supports all major browsers, quirks/strict modes.

postback excellent design microsoft asp studio style tabbed panels panel groups

PIM with Email, Appoitnments, Adress book, fi

phlyMail Lite

phlyLabs Inh. M. Sommerfeld

A webmail and data hosting application using AJAX to provide a desktop-like GUI. Features: unlimited folders; local or remote mail storage; multiple profiles

export import mail storage personal edition gui features encrypted passwords view source

Great JavaScript editor for everyone!

1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.7

Yaldex Software

This is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals! AJAX developers can easily use program as Ajax Editor. Now you have the first specialized JavaScript Editor allowing to create, edit and test DHTML scripts.

debug javascript validator html css javascript source code rich possibilities scripts javascript

KUpload+ AJAX Progress Bar

Dimplesoftware Solution

KFileUploadPlusProgressBar includes Ajax based progress bar. It displays various status information about the current upload, just like pure HTML progress bar but instead of popup window it uses an inline progress bar with the AJAX technology.

visual studio compatible web microsoft ajax interoperability cross browser

GIS Mapping Component for ASP.NET Web Apps

Map Suite Web Edition

ThinkGeo LLC

Map Suite Web Edition is an ASP.NET server control that you can use to develop Internet orIntranet GIS applications with rich, interactive maps. Map Suite Web Edition is easy to use and makes GIS accessible to beginning and veteran developers alike.

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AJAX database administration tool

Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager


Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager is a new open source web based database administration tool is actually a natural evolution of the popular "ASP.NET enterprise manager" but with fully AJAX enabled UI and multiple database type capabilities.

enterprise manager ajax database type database types webgui capabilities

Web based electronic procurement system

TenderSystem OS

ValueCard (Pty) Ltd

Web based tendering system to source, award and manage the total procurement process. This tried and tested technology leverages the age-old principle of supply and demand, through reverse auction.

reverse auctions internet based tenders quotations tpl source award

Highly customizable JavaScript grid control

dhtmlxGrid - JavaScript Grid Control


Cross-browser JavaScript grid control for displaying tabular data in DHTML based table. Comprehensive features include fast-loading (enabled by AJAX), client-side sorting, columns resizing, multiple cell control types and keyboard navigation.

image combo keyboard navigation table data tabular data load data javascript methods


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