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Build signs for web pages and presentations

AMC Electronic Signs 2 Plugin

Alchemy Mindworks

Build signs that will be impossible to ignore for your web pages, presentations and other documents. This plugin features twelve impossible-to-ignore sign styles, each supporting two or more sizes and over a dozen text effects.

e mail mng electronic signs rich palette web animation software web pages

View and convert the native raw image files

AMC Raw Plugin

Alchemy Mindworks

View and convert the native raw image files from many contemporary Canon, Casio, Kodak, Konica, Nikon, Leica, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma and Sony high-end digital cameras, plus Adobe Digital Negative files.

leica graphic workshop alchemy mindworks canon pentax image quality

A multifunction desktop clock with reminders.

AMC The Ultimate Screen Clock

Alchemy Mindworks

Integrate a graphic clock with your Windows desktop and configure it with a library of digital and analog clock styles. Set your system clock to an atomic time standard. Also includes a reminders, world time clock, countdown clock and stop watch.

reminders screen clock accuracy time servers reminder feature windows desktop

Reminders, alarms, system time, desktop clock

AMI Ultimate Screen Clock

Alchemy Mindworks

Integrate a digital or analog clock with your desktop, schedule reminders and other tasks up to a century in advance, keep your system clock accurate with an Internet atomic clock time server, display your clock as a screen saver and much more.

half price schedule reminders digital clock soviet submarine screen clock ami

Plugin to build animated technology devices.

AMC Technology 1 Plugin

Alchemy Mindworks

Enhance your web pages, presentations and videos with 20 animated technological devices, including sound meters, plasma arcs, stopwatches, altimeters and a substantial amount of science fiction. Technology that is sharp, cool and hard to ignore.

countdown technological devices plasma arcs tachometer altimeters magic eye

3D Effects Plugins for GIF Construction Set.

AMI GIF 3D Effects 1

Alchemy Mindworks

Add 3D Effects #1 Plugin Set to AMI GIF Construction Set Pro web animation software. Build still or rotating 3D images; cubes, disks, toroids, text and more. Add your pictures. Control appearance and lighting. Create 3D GIF graphics and animations.

3d objects intuitive user png 3d software digital graphic artists registers

New effects for AMI PNG/MNG Construction Set.

AMI PNG Transitions 2

Alchemy Mindworks

Add twenty breathtaking special effects to AMI PNG/MNG Construction Set, the animation software for presentation and screen saver graphics. Add exciting transitions and interest to your images. Turn still images into pulsating animations...

effervescent png transitions blur mng airlock

AMC e-Paint - easy to use and quick to learn.

AMC e-Paint

Alchemy Mindworks

AMC e-Paint embodies robust painting functionality. It features a variety of selection tools; antialiased drawing and text; a gallery of image processing filters; multiple document handling; soft brushes; undo; variable magnification and lots more.

accessible documentation shame paint web page animations soap supermarket tabloids

Image management and digital darkroom package

AMC Graphic Workshop Pro

Alchemy Mindworks

Image management and digital darkroom package, with interactive manual, to convert, print, view, caption, transform, flip, rotate, scale, crop, color-adjust, quantize, catalog, optimize and wreak special effects on most popular image files.

browser windows windows batch interactive image image management graphic files graphic workshop

10 detailed lessons to create web animations.

AMC GIF Construction Set Tutorial

Alchemy Mindworks

Work through the ten exercises in this tutorial package, which includes all the example graphics, and you''ll be ready to create your own web page animations. You will need GIF Construction Set Pro 3 to work through this tutorial.

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