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Interactive question and answer tool


Siborg Systems Inc.

Question & answer tool with editable graph dialog, marking ability and teacher organizer. Recognizes common mistakes, points them out and steers student in the right direction.

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Predicting tennis results



An extensive tennis statistics and predicting tennis results. Includes the results of more than 420 thousand tennis matches, played by the best tennis players in the world since 1990. The software includes both men's and women's tennis results.

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A tool aimed at the SQL queries development

Oracle Code Factory

SQL Maestro Group

Oracle Code Factory allows you to manage SQL queries and scripts using such useful features as code folding, code completion and syntax highlighting, build query visually, execute several queries at a time, execute scripts from files

rtf data export sql scripts code completion data management sql editor

An advanced data driven menu for ASP.NET 2+

Easy Fly-Out Menu for ASP.NET


Easy Menu is an advanced data driven fly-out menu for ASP.NET 2+. The build-in ASP.NET fly-out menu lacks some important features and styling options which are all included in Easy Menu.

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