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MoleBox is an easy-to-use resource packer.


MoleBox packs an application, data files and DLL's into a single exe-file. Application packed with MoleBox works the same way as before packing without any changes in its source code.

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Free SIP Softphone



Easy to use Free SIP Softphone for voip providers and customized softphone for voip providers. Supports tunneling.

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(Re)start the shell with the press of a key!

ShellDispenser for NSE development


Close, start or restart Windows Explorer the proper way (i.e. not just killing the process) with the press of a key, or from the command line. If restarting the shell is a part of your job, then ShellDispenser is the tool you have been looking for!

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Second generation Java obfuscator.

Allatori Obfuscator


Allatori is a Java obfuscator which belongs to the second generation obfuscators' family. It provides the most comprehensive set of features and combines all classic obfuscation techniques as well as innovations that can be found only in Allatori.

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