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An endless variety of modern-art-like images.

Seraline Abstract Art Screensaver

Seraline Pty Ltd

Using mathematics and random drawing effects, Seraline ScreenSaver creates an endless variety of wild kaleidoscopic and modern-art-like images, which are always changing and never repeating.

mathematics drawing endless variety images modern art seraline screensaver

Screensaver which draws your images.

Auto Draw 2


Auto Draw 2 is a wonderful screensaver which draws your images. You can choose the pencil''s speed and style. Very Easy to use. Great for your family photos or vacation pictures. Supports: .jpg, .bmp, .tga, .png, ...

bmp draws family photos images tga png

Interactive Dali Screensaver & Toy

Interactive Dali Screensaver

G&P Software

Interactive Dali Screensaver is a new original toy. You can have fun with objects on Dali's picture, build your own pictures and save them. It's another, innovative way of looking at art.

default screensaver pomegranate canvas editor mode dali screensaver art screensaver

100 Beautiful Images of Lighthouse Art

Lighthouse Art Screensaver

Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpaper

The Free Lighthouse Art Screensaver by features 100 stunning art pieces depicting beautiful and one-of-a-kind images of lighthouses from around the world, truly some of the most beautiful lighthouse art pieces you may ever see.

lighthouses quality images dialog box double click art screen saver stunning art

Interactive Dali Screensaver Lite

Interactive Dali Screensaver Lite

G&P Software

This is a lite version of Interactive Dali Screensaver. Interactive Dali Screensaver is a new original toy. You can have fun with objects on Dali''s picture, build your own pictures and save them. It''s another, innovative way of looking at art.

original painting using your imagination state of art break key art screensaver looking at art

Leonardo da Vinci fine art on your screen

Leonardo ScreenSaver

ScreenSavers Wizard

Slide show screensaver that covers 16 paintings by Leonardo da Vinci. Dual monitor and background sound supported. Make/edit your music playlist or disable sound. Set image order, size, position, and duration. Have 120 customizable transition effects

background sound operative systems system requirements evaluation time slide show time limitation

Painting pictures on your screen

Painting Pictures


Painting pictures screensavers is a unique screensaver. We have included many great works of art to get it started. A picture graphic is displayed, then it starts to paint the pciture on a blank canvas. You have many different methods of painting

computer painting works of art blank canvas internet midi screensavers



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