Free Artistic Filters Downloads

Fun screen saver for digital camera owners.

Family Photo

Ten Foot Pole Software

Show off those adorable grandkids! The Family Photo screen saver displays images downloaded from your digital camera. Fun artistic filters such as oil paint, antique and pop-art keep your pictures lively again and again.

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Professional image processing and retouching

Picture Man

STOIK Imaging

Professional image processing application. The richest set of retouching and enhancement filters, the outstanding collection of built-in special effects, powerful painting capabilities, state-of-the-art multilayering, scripting, and automation.

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Video enhancement tool with sets of filters.



EnhanceMovie is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use video quality improvement software. Take any movie or home video and enhance it with specialized filters, such as Denoise, Deinterlace, Brightness, Contrast, Deblocking, Sharpen and more.

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Scrabble-like puzzles in a fun environment

Word Wonks

Reasonable Games

In Word Wonks you are presented with many different Scrabble-like puzzles in which you need to get a higher score than your computer opponents. There are 24 opponents to defeat and over 50 board layouts with randomly assigned tile-sets.

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a screensaver and a display Screen software

Remote Media Screen Saver

Media Creations Ltd

RemoteMedia Screensaver Player V1.0 is a screensaver and a display Screen software system. It is a different kind of screensaver that allows you to fully control your display Media and update content in REAL-TIME!

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WinRadius is a standard RADIUS server.



WinRadius is a standard RADIUS server for network authentication, accounting.

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