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Win Web server IPS stops known and new attacks.



ThreatSentry Windows Web server Host Intrusion Prevention software defends IIS against new and progressive attack techniques, protects network weak points, overcomes lapses in patch management, and reinforces regulatory compliance.

progressive attack intrusion detection remote data services server requests server host host intrusion prevention

Easy-to-use Low-Cost Flexible License Manager


Agilis Software LLC

Easylicenser is the complete software solution for your license management needs. It provides - Ease-of-use for you as well as your end-user - Low-cost: as low as $2 per end-user license that you generate - Versatility and unlimited expansion

hidden extras management functionality contact manager isv ecommerce features license models

Play, Manage, Download, Convert Flash movie.

FlashPlayer Plus

ZGW Software,Inc.

FlashPlayer Plus is a powerful tool for playing,download, managing and convert Flash. It provides the unique Flash thumbnails preview utility. FlashPlayer Plus enables you to create Flash screensaver.provides an enhanced feature for playing control.

interaction flash screensaver user interface macromedia flash functionality conversions

quick PCI bus diagnosis


miray Software

PCISniffer performs a complete PCI-diagnosis. It reports device and vendor names as well as other PCI device information in plain text. This information can also be transmitted over a serial port. ISO image for making a bootable CD included.

pci device iso image header data text program pci devices pci resource conflicts

Make quiz shows for your training or classes

Al Morale's Game Show Presenter

Bodine Communications LLC

Here's a cure for Powerpoint boredom. Turn your presentation into a fun, TV-style quiz show. Write your quiz and customize the show to fit your topic. This tool makes it easy and fast for trainers and educators to add fun to any topic.

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