Free Auto Mail Downloads

AMS is used to send emails automatically.

Auto Mail Sender

TriSun Software Studio.

Auto Mail Sender is used to send emails automatically at anytime and any frequency as you expect, it satisfies all your emails'' sending requirements. You can set automatic sending time yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and even specific date and time.

sending mail business emails auto mail proxy server routine business receivers

free web based antispyware software

GarbageClean LLC

GarbageClean(TM) antispyware software from SecureMyWindows scans and removes adware, spyware, trojan viruses from computer. It is a web based antispyware software. So no installation is required. User needs to login to website to run the software.

malicious program registry changes antispyware software browser cookies trojan viruses web based

Modular algorithmic music & graphics creation


Algorithmic Arts

ArtWonk is an interactive program for creating MIDI music and graphics algorithmically. Not a set of canned me-too riffs or rules, but an open ended palette of composing modules to powerfully boost your creativity.

program language standard midi file creating music midi music soft synths graphics program

Create your own screen mates in minutes.

Screen Mate Builder


Create your own screen mates no programming skills required. Just collect images and sounds, --even your photos and your voices, and then build them into your screen mates with only several point-and-clicks, and also easy-to-use interface.

screen mate optional background music screen mates desktop wallpaper default desktop background sounds


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