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File manager with additional functions

FileGeneral ControlCenter

Ingo Tröger

File manager with proven two-file window technology and various auxiliary functions for renaming, changing of attributes and sorting of files. A picture preview, a multimediaplayer, an id3 tag-editor and a jpeg-tester is integrated as well.

window technology duplicate files deletion drive assembly attributes file manager

Gather lines so quickly as soon as possible.

Reactor Balls

KSY Software

An emergency occurred at a space station - a meteorite fell into the reactor. You need to cool the energy control processor in hope that people can be evacuated. . Time does not wait!

puzzle game meteorite balls appearance energy control space station

Detects subtle run-time errors in a Java code

Wasp Static Error Checker


The Wasp tool statically detects subtle run-time errors and weak points in a Java source code. Wasp also produces detailed and precise method call graph.

run time java program data flow analysis array index wasp sensitive data

Gems Cubed is a puzzle game.

Gems Cubed

Walter O. Krawec Games

Gems Cubed is a puzzle game consisting of seven unique modes of play. Also featured is an Internet High-Score system so that you can compete with other Gems Cubed users around the world for the top positions in each game mode!

high score compete with other objective colored gems cannon modes


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