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Prevent eye strain by taking a break


EyeStrainCare Lab.

Alarm type software to prevent computer eye strain, tiredness and headaches can block the computer and remind you to take regular rests. Alerts you to take a mini break from the screen.

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Computer eyestrain prevention and relief

WorkPause: Anti-eyestrain & RSI tool

Praven3 Software

Do you work too much with computers? If you have eyestrain, back pain or repetitive strain injury (R.S.I.), then WorkPause is the right tool for you. It can help you prevent or relieve these illnesses, by ensuring you have adequate rest.

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Ballz3D Strategy involves lots of thinking.


Alawar Entertainment

We are pleased to announce a new version of the Balz3D game. Whats new in this version? A player creates combinations not from plain color balls, but from gems of various colors. New visual effects.

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AcQuest CAL 100 Solution 2003 for Windows

AcQuest California 100 Solution 2003

AcQuest Programming Solutions

AcQuest California 100 Solution 2003. Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, & XP. Prepares CAL Form 100, California Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return, 3885, Sch D-1, 3805E, 3539 & Deprn Schs. With unregistered version, data can be printed but not saved.

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Open Source Asteroids Style Game

Asteroid Cresta

Big Angry Dog

Asteroid Cresta is a fast paced Open Source Asteroids style retro game which features stunning two-color vector graphics.

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