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Free Sports Wagering Software

GameDay Payoff

Sports Vice Solutions

Free sports wagering software for bookies to operate their sportsbook and players to place or record and track their wagers for betting and gambling purposes.

sportsbook games in progress pace sports wagering wager policy settings

HTML and Style Sheet Editor with Validator

Amiasoft SiteAid

Amiasoft Corporation

Amiasoft SiteAid offers full HTML 4.0 Transitional support, feature rich Style Sheet support, an HTML validator, JavaScript tools, FTP support, colored syntax, spell check, advanced find/replace, full HTML and Style Sheet Help Files and much more.

style sheet editor style sheet support case control web authors validator attribute

Egg Timer is a simple countdown timer

Egg Timer

Michael Robinson

Egg Timer is a simple countdown timer that is sort of like the cooking timer you might find in many kitchens. You set a time in minutes, it counts down the time, and an alarm goes off when the time has elapsed.

number minutes egg timers paypal mail kitchens nag screens

Takes checkers into the 21st century.

Moraff CyberCheckers

Moraff Games

Moraff's CyberCheckers brings the traditional checkers game right into the 21st century. Change backgrounds, change play pieces, set your mood with colors. Play full screen or in a window. Turn on and off sound effects or background music.

checker board 21st century novel change backgrounds bells and whistles computer opponent

A WW2 FPS 3D action game in winter Norway.

My Worst Day WW2

Rune Trollebo

A WW2 FPS 3D game where you as a saboteur are sent into German occupied Norway. Main mission: Blow up two canons. No linear missions, you can walk all over the place. You sneak and snipe in a winter landscape. It also has a fun arcade mode as bonus.

enemies military mission blow up knowing realistic atmosphere saboteur

MMS video, dvd and game rental system



MMS is a complete turnkey online system for internet dvd and game rentals. Skinnable public site with all the bells and whistles that your customers will want. Automated backend operations for owners and staff.

internet game scalable programming software bandwidth costs video rental investment and risk

File shredder.

The Shredder


File shredder - destroys files. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS APPLICATION! It can permanently destroy files on your hard drive

sensitive files bells and whistles file shredder personal security

Ultra-High Speed Email List Manager

ListMate Express

ListMate HQ

ListMate Express is an ULTRA-HIGH-SPEED e-mail list management suite of tools for all Windows platforms. It features 9 separate tools/screens each with its own host of features...all executed at warp-speed.

screens express solution listmate medium size business screen shots mail list management

Fast and nice looking all-in-one organizer

Cute Organizer

Code Sector Inc.

Fast, convenient and nice looking information management system, featuring hierarchical textual and visual data representation regarding your contacts, tasks and notes.

csi top notch dial phone numbers business meetings personal information manager channel 5

Excel spreadsheet creates employee schedules.

Shift Scheduler for Excel

Shift Scheduler is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that creates employee schedules, and tracks the number of hours that have been scheduled.

cell b3 shift scheduler shift schedules week 1 paper and pen cell b2


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