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3d arkanoid game

Alpha Ball

Dekovir Entertainment

Alpha Ball is arkanoid style game with simple control and addictive gameplay. Each level built both backwards and upwards and present original 3d scene. Suspend Game feature that lets you quit a game and return to it later.

bombs 3d graphics power ups rockets game feature fireball

Adventurous arcade with strategic elements


Amusing strategic arcade game with elements of adventure that combines features and experience of Pacman, Doom and BomberMan. Does not contain violence and suitable for kids. Online contest for best players. Extra levels/missions will be released.

evil characters popular games hidden keys dark maze evil monsters labyrinth

Welcome to Planet Robotopia!


Gamesare Studios and Publishing

Welcome to Planet Robotopia! Robotopia is an all action, fast paced shooter that takes you online to stage epic battles that span across a beautiful multi-scrolling world.

reward players currency daunting customizable robot enemies

Enjoy intriguing gameplay and marvelous world

Rebel Bomberman

Alawar Entertainment

This modern arcade resurrects the feeling of the classic 'Bomberman' and adds a bit of its own action twist. Collect crystals and bombard aliens to save the planet. Enjoy intriguing gameplay and marvelous worlds!

bomberman fence bombs inventive variations yep alien attack

Action gaming at its finest!

Horizon X

Crazy Hermit Games

Action gaming at its finest! Featuring intense gameplay and tons of missions. It will take quick reflexes and a steady hand to conquer these nasty aliens.

steady hand quick actions bombs take a deep breath platforms alien invaders

Crazy variation on minesweeper.

Mega Miner

Sergey Goncharov

Crazy remake of the classic Minesweeper. This game may be called as "minesweeper for professionals". New rules changes logic of game playing and makes game more difficult and interesting.

left mouse button maniac miner game game area simultaneously minesweeper

Fast, engaging and explosive game.

Little Bombers

Alawar Entertainment

This modern remake of the classic game is fast, engaging and explosive adventure for every arcade-games lover! The Little Bombers return to destroy all the dangerous monsters and enemies, and you are to help them. Are you a brilliant bomberman?

bomberman games drop bombs games you play good luck dyna blaster bombers

Control a cowboy and master your lasso!



In this highly addictive game you control a cowboy that uses his lasso to capture different kind of prizes: cows, horses, cash, etc. Are you ready to become the champion rope thrower in the West?

cactuses gadgets gender discrimination addictive gameplay one finger excellent graphics

Arcade fun for the whole family.

Deluxe PocMon

EMV Software

Arcade fun for the whole family. Navigate the mazes, eat the dots and gobble the power pills to eat those ghosts! Pick up bonuses along the way and try to find some of the games secrets. This game is made with 3 goals in mind. Fun, fun, fun!

pacman pretty graphics fun run multipliers ghost drop bombs

Save the dogs and learn optics in 12O levels

Dogs And Lights

TLK Games

DOGS AND LIGHTS allots to you the mission to rescue puppies from a battle field riddled with mines and lampposts. You use laser tools to destroy obstacles, detonate the mines, lit the lamps and finally direct the dogs to a safe place.120 levels.

lampposts well behaved small animals best friends behaved dogs laser ray


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