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ThoughtOffice Corp.

ThoughtOffice is used for Presentation, Brainstorming, Creative Writing, Problem Solving, PR, and developing Innovation. 7,300,000+ unique words, phrases and images in mind-map style associations reveal ideas that escape "linear" thinking.

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Personal Wiki System



ConnectedText is a powerful personal Wiki system with unique capabilities. Store all your notes and their revisions in a SQL database. Includes editor with drag and drop, full-text search, graph navigator which topic relationship.

text presentation relationship user interface full text search drag and drop capabilities

Classic software for creative thinking

Brainstorm Lite

Computer Systems Odessa

Brainstorm Lite is a tool perfectly suited for conducting classic brainstorming session. Suspending from judgments, fixed session time and other rules that are crucial for brainstorming success are implemented in this simple and elegant software.

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Consultant & Life Coach plugin, ThoughtOffice


ThoughtOffice Corp.

eXpertConsultant: plug-in for ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software. Like IdeaFisher QBanks, contains 100s of expert questions used by leading consultants. Guides your process, triggers associations from existing ideas, & creates new associations.

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Store all kinds of info in one place

ActionOutline Lite

Green Parrots Software

ActionOutline Lite helps you organize your bits of info into the intuitive outline form. The possibilities for its use are practically endless: to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers and more.

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Plan/Estimate any project in 3 easy steps.

JCVGantt Pro

I and A Research Inc

Plan any project professionally in three easy steps - (1) Brainstorm tasks (2) Specify task dependencies (3) Specify who will do the work, then view gorgeous Gantt charts and customizable project cost reports. Syncs direct with MindManager X5 Pro too

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Helps you improve your life or business.

Flying Logic Personal for Mac OS X


Flying Logic is a tool for people who want to improve their lives or businesses. Flying Logic does for reasoning what spreadsheets do for numbers, and will help you learn WHAT to change, TO WHAT to change, and HOW TO CAUSE the change.

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PPC Keyphrase permutator/generator

PPC Keyword Generator

OverZone Software

Powerful Adwords/Overture PPC Keyphrase permutator/generator. Quickly generate 100s of keyphrases in seconds, not weeks!

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Software for group brainstorming.

Brainstorm Bungy

Topspin Systems Ltd

Do not be afraid - this is not about jumping off a bridge with a rubber band attached to your legs. The only stretching here is of minds as Brainstorm Bungy facilitates group brainstorming sessions. Flexible, powerful, great fun, and simple to use.

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Creativity & Brainstorming Software for CEOs


ThoughtOffice Corp.

IdeaFisher Part II: ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software. Create Stunning Presentations, Brainstorming Sessions, Creative Writing & PR. IdeaFisher had 65,000 associations; ThoughtOffice inspires with over 9,335,432 unique words, phrases & images.

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