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HideAll hides all your open windows!


HideAll hides all your open windows at the press of a hotkey to help you surf/work privately you can restore them when you wish! It can also clear all your personal history lists (like history pages)!HideAll is a quality software at really low price!

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Stops IP messages from appearing on screen

IP Messenger Spam Blocker


Simple one-click to complete protection against Messenger pop-up ads! IP Messenger Spam Blocker prevents IP messages from appearing on your machine. One click and your system is automatically protected.

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 Manage your browser cookies with LockJar


The Iron(FE)-Works

LockJar gives you total control over the Internet browser cookies that are placed on your machine. Cookies on the Internet are an inevitability... now you can decide which cookies you want to keep!

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A tool to protect your Internet privacy.

Internet Trail Remover


An Internet Trail Remover protects your privacy by removing trails left by your Internet browser and various web-sites while you browsed the Internet.

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Web browser history management and cleaning.


Collake Software

WipeUrTrax is the most advanced web browser history management and cleaning application available. Offering the unique functionality of concealing some browsing activities without having to delete the entire browser history.

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Free uninstaller to remove unwanted software.

Revo Uninstaller

VS Revo Group

Software to uninstall other programs and fix installation issues. Includes startup manager, junk files cleaner, windows system tools control, evidence remover and browser history wiper tools.

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Invisible Browsing masks, hide your IP addres

Invisible Browsing


Invisible Browsing will hide, change or mask your IP address preventing others or any website from logging your internet address without your permission. Invisible Browsing is also an efficient Internet Explorer Privacy Solution.

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MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Research Int'l Inc

First Cookie Manager supporting the new browser independent cookies (Flash Cookies, Silverlight Isolated Storage) together with conventional cookies of Internet Explorer, Firefox and many more browsers. Allows deleting, viewing, blocking and more.

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Wipes ALL browser cookies of MSIE and FireFox

Cookie Crumble

My Privacy Tools, Inc.

This powerful cookie cleaner wipes ALL cookies clean from Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox. Want to wipe all cookies of a given website or domain? No problem. Simply enter the domain you would like to clear the cookies for and press the "Delet

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free web based antispyware software

GarbageClean LLC

GarbageClean(TM) antispyware software from SecureMyWindows scans and removes adware, spyware, trojan viruses from computer. It is a web based antispyware software. So no installation is required. User needs to login to website to run the software.

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