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Acoolsoft PPT2DVD


Acoolsoft PPT2DVD is a creative and professional PowerPoint to DVD conversion tool which empowers you to easily burn PowerPoint to DVD with transitions, animations, sounds and movies retained.

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Defeat the powerful computer called Juno.

Juno-Nemesis Remix

Mountain King Studios Inc

Juno Nemesis is a 3D shooter in the style of Tempest and Gyruss with modern 3D graphics. Set inside the cyberspace of a huge and powerful computer called Juno, the player must defend the machine from a program designed to destroy the system.

virus program constructs powerful computer weapons cyberspace bonus

View, play, convert between 768 formats



Konvertor is a file converter. Konvertor reads and converts768 different file formats: 700 graphic formats (JPM,BM, PCD, K25, PSD, TGA, HPGL, PDF, GIF, JPEG-2000, VRML...), 68 audio, text and video formats (WMA, MP3, DALET, WAV, TXT, AVI, ASF...)

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Build your own town in this strategy game.


Lonely Troops

Townopolis is a strategy game with highly addictive gameplay. You''ll need to construct an idyllic neighborhood with plenty of houses in order to earn loads of money. Work your way to the top through the campaign mode, or create your own scenarios.

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