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Upload your media content to various devices.

AVS Mobile Uploader

Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK

AVS Mobile Uploader is a compact full-featured software which allows you to easily upload your media content, video, audio files, ringtones and pictures to various portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones, flash cards, iPod, Sony PSP

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Stop Spam by putting them out of business!

DrStopSpam Inc

Stop Spam by putting them out of business! Automatically complain to authorities. Without any knowledge of how to track down the source of spam you receive, you can now send professionally written complaints to those able to stop spam at its source.

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A naval strategy game

Battleship Chess


Combine two classic board games, add some cards, explosive sound effects and modern 3D graphics and you get a fun, new way to fight naval battles.

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Find mp3,ogg and wma duplicates and delete it

Abee MP3 Duplicates Finder


The purpose of this program is to find all mp3(ogg,wma) duplicates on your computer and remove useless files from your hard drive. As this program performs just this single task it copes with it much better than other more universal programs.

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