Free Charming Hero Downloads

A charming new hero is born!


Alawar Entertainment

Guide a charming hero through gorgeous worlds crammed with visual detail and execute dazzling double-jumps with ease! Turtix is a new arcade adventure that heralds the rebirth of the classic side-scrolling platform game. Download and play it today!

heralds peace and harmony satisfaction turtix dozens new arcade

Puzzle Shuffle is a little Shuffle game

Puzzle Shuffle

Willems Soft

Puzzle Shuffle is a little puzzle game, where you load an image, which will be shuffled. You''ll have to solve the shuffled puzzle by moving pieces to an empty spot.

images puzzle game little game user interface shuffle playing the game

Create, store and apply your own formats

AutoFormat for Excel PivotTables

Afalina Co., Ltd.

This add-in enables you to create, store and apply your own formats for Microsoft Excel pivot tables. The add-in stores formatting of each pivot table and all format options such as numbers, borders, patterns, alignment, and fonts.

pivottables blank lines format template microsoft excel pivot tables microsoft format options

Windows Animated Gif Viewer

Windows Animated Gif Player

Moon Valley Software

This is a full-featured, streamlined program built using ActiveX to view animated .gif images. For more information, please visit

animated gif images streamlined program activex


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