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Allows copy/paste 10clipboards simultaneoulsy


F-Group Software

MClipboard manager provides you with 10 Windows clipboards, so that you can simultaneously copy and paste 10 different data segments (images, words, etc).MClipboard is aimed to be a quick and useful clipboard assistant for you to simplify your life!

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Send keystrokes & text to any window.


Detlev Schaefer

Automate complex control systems as well as small jobs like inserting text phrases, form filling etc. by a simple click on one of the 2500 assignable buttons only. Macro recorder, timer, clip history, image memory, networkable, no install., manual.

prefered macros database access phrases colours timer

Reclip - Popup Visual Clipboard Assistant


Ragan Lockette

Reclip is a popup visual clipboard assistant for Windows 95/98/NT4 that organizes all text, rich text, and images that are copied to the clipboard.

free upgrades click of a button text history ini files taskbar clutter default web browser

Open Paste - text copying utility.

Open Paste

Russian New Logic

Open Paste is a powerful and efficient way to save time by speed typing using text templates to avoid constantly cutting and pasting texts from a large number of different sources.

speed typing phrases mouse click floppy disk texts flash drive

Type a word and get an entire letter!

Speed Typing

Invention Pilot, Inc

Type a word and get an entire letter automatically typed for you! In the Speed Typing database, you can place more than 100 000 messages, standard phrases, signatures, email addresses, URLs, etc. The program will work with any text editor.

simplicity text entries email addresses signatures hieroglyphs phrases

Greatly reduce keystrokes of repetitive words

Type Pilot

Two Pilots

Type Pilot is specially created for storing and quick insertion of any text fragments (e-mail signatures, frequently used sentences, URLs, letter templates and so on). You just type a word, and Type Pilot will automatically replace it with a phrase.

email addresses signature signatures text entries history option text passage

lingo scriptEditor

lingo script editor


lingo scriptEditor is an external authoring tool for lingo object orientated program. it provides a professional script-environment in use with macromedia director. the beta-versions of lingo scriptEditor are for FREE.

clipboard history variable type script editor authoring tool global property object orientated

Clipboard history and spelling

Clipboard Help+Spell


Database stores history of all past text clipboard entries for viewing, modification, and search. High-quality spellcheck - underlined mistakes; learning spellchecker. Powerful text formatting options - make your own presets for common functions.

hotkeys hierarchical clipboard entries spellcheck category view search function

Typing Assistant is a typing aid program.

Typing Assistant (English)

Sumit Software

Typing Assistant Auto-Completes your frequently used words and phrases anywhere. It makes typing faster, more intelligent and lowers effort.

clipboard history document creators shorthand programmers accesses key stroke

QuickPhrase - paste your signature in no time

TypingMaster QuickPhrase

TypingMaster, Inc

With QuickPhrase you can copy&paste your often used texts/signatures/greetings/etc. into any application in no time. Just use a keyboard shortcut or pick the phrase with your mouse from the menu in the taskbar.

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