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Christmas 3D Screensaver

Christmas Holiday 3D Screensaver

Digital Minds Software

Turn this animated 3D screensaver on and the holiday atmosphere of upcoming Christmas will surround you. Now you don''t even need to wait for the event. Just launch it and get the Christmas experience anytime you wish.

festive music christmas tree holiday feeling fairy colorful graphics christmas experience

3D Forest Screensaver

3D Forest Screensaver

3D graphics makes it all look so realistic that you can totally lose yourself in the awesome feeling of being there. Full 3D environment with amazing amount of details and high-quality 3D animation.

3d animation high quality lighting effects quality 3d relaxing music hypnotizing

3D Jumping Dolphins Screensaver

3D Jumping Dolphins Screensaver

This amazing 3D screensaver gives you a rare chance to observe dolphins. The great movement of the dolphin and the calming sound of the waves help you to relax after long day.

realistic animation photo hypnotizing quality 3d dolphins 3d screensaver

A colorful animated jigsaw puzzle.

Mermaid Puzzle


A Mermaid Puzzle is an animated jigsaw puzzle for your entertainment! The game features colorful graphics and fun, easy gameplay.

jigsaws gameplay gamers desire animation cute game

Addictive, easy to learn action-strategy game


Dark Unicorn Productions

You are going to need every powerup in your arsenal to beat The Ball. Put up force fields. Alter the playfield. Attack The Ball. Watch out - He'll freeze you, make you invisible, and fool with your mouse to ensure he comes out on top.

sound and music powerup programmer squares arsenal crap

Make the right moves!

Turn on Green

Progress Games

Test your brain power with 24 levels. By clicking on a tile all nearest elements are flipped to opposite color. Level is completed when all tiles have been painted in green colour. Make the right moves!

colorful graphics tiles game features absolutely free brain power elements

Make CD Cases- Roxio Easy C-D Creator  5.xx

CD Case Maker Inc

Make Colorful graphics Covers with text listings of music recorded with Roxio Easy C-D Creator'* 5.xx and perhaps others versions. The basic Roxio version does not allow this but CD Case Maker reads the files it saves and makes covers easily!

colorful graphics cd case roxio easy music colors creator 5

Build your own town in this strategy game.


Lonely Troops

Townopolis is a strategy game with highly addictive gameplay. You''ll need to construct an idyllic neighborhood with plenty of houses in order to earn loads of money. Work your way to the top through the campaign mode, or create your own scenarios.

colorful graphics campaign mode custom scenarios tidy profit neighborhood strategy game

Rock'n'roll is back in this new puzzle game!

Rock'n'Roll 2004: Return Of The King


Real good rock'n'roll times are back! Get your boots ready to dance through 60 levels of pure fifties and sixties. Collect classical rock'n'roll proprieties as musical instruments, cocktails etc. in this great puzzle game!

rock and roll grease music score colorful graphics cocktails joy

Block destroying fun with flying Pixies!

Pixie Power Swapper

Artichoke Games

You have to destroy as many blocks as possible by arranging them in lines. Flying Pixies bring you special items like bombs, paint or a gun, so you can earn mega points. Choose from three game modes: classic, logical and timed.

puzzle game intuitive game power meter advance levels difficulty settings pixie


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