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Win32 application that creates chaos images.


Thomas Hoevel Software

WinCIG CHAOS IMAGE GENERATOR v2.00 Win32 application that creates chaos images. Very easy to use because of sophisticated automizations. Many options available for expert users. New: Usability improved!

i386 usability 256 colours ram 256 chaos images menu layout

A sophisticated accounting system

Executive Accounting

Clarisys Inc.

Executive is for businesses that require a sophisticated accounting system. It contains advanced features such as three styles of invoicing (service, distribution and recurrent), multi-currency, multi-bank, and other powerful features.

workspaces shortcuts working environment group options single user currency transactions

Drop-down menu with XP-3000 style.

Happy XP-3000 Drop-down Menu

Image Intelligence Software Ltd.

Easy-to-use drop-down menu to guide people through your pages. Designed for top bar navigation from the top of your page. Uses a professional-looking XP-3000 style. Online configuration tool. Supports line-wrapping and many more features.

dynamic menu choice results true type fonts borders state icons colours

Huge collection of Components and Routines

ESBPCS for VCL - D4 Trial

ESB Consultancy

ESBPCS for VCL is a collection of over 6000 routines/methods and over 150 classes/components in over 100 units for Delphi 4 which are aimed at making Data Entry & Manipulation Easier for Developers.

number distributions popup calendar vcl physics vectors string manipulation borland delphi

Palette generator/optimizer (batched)


ITB CompuPhase

PaletteMaker creates a common 256-colour palette from a list of RGB pictures. It uses an iterative and interactive procedure in order to optimize those colours that you judge most important. PaletteMaker is flexible and achieves high quality.

colours palette manager dithering rgb combines colour palette

Isanaki is a free Sudoku generator and Solver

Isanaki Sudoku


Isanaki is a free multilingual Sudoku and Wordoku Boards generator, solve, helper and printer. The software supports 9 * 9 and 16 * 16 boards and generate boards with 6 levels of difficulty.Freeware guaranteed without spyware.

brute force application updates binary file freeware application separator french spanish

Equation and graphical editor

Equation Illustrator V


Equation Illustrator V is designed to ease the production of single page handout type documents and web graphics that include math/chemical equations simple vector graphics and pictures.

windows clipboard vector shapes rectangular shapes rectangular arrays combining graphics bezier curves

Automatically creates and uploads websites

Web Wizard Home Edition

The Web Wizard is a ground breaking application allowing anyone to create their own personal or corporate website. No knowledge of HTML is required - design of the pages is governed by an ever increasing collection of 'Themes'.

news links custom background images web wizard logos text colours

A vertically scrolling retro shooter


Gibbon Games

Uridium meets Xevious in this fast-paced retro shooter. Only 20 minutes remain before nuclear Armageddon, and it is up to you and your acrobatic silver space craft to save the day!

xevious nuclear warheads samsara source lighting paradroid levels of the atmosphere

Both create and play fun wordsearch puzzles.

100% Word Search

RT Software

Both create and play attractive wordsearch puzzles. Easy-to-use and powerful. Popular amongst teachers. Make puzzles in custom shapes and sizes. Puzzles can be saved, printed and exported. Features sound, resizable GUI, help and sample puzzles.

personal preferences program features handy hint wordsearch puzzles dragging a line language skills


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