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This free bilingual educational program offers step-by-step solutions to 1224 math problems in arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, hyperbolic trig and calculus. Each solution step is provided with reference material

montessori education math problems math teachers free bilingual trig necessary definitions

Wireless 802.11 Wifi monitoring software


PassMark Software

WirelessMon is a software tool that allows users to monitor the status of wireless WiFi adapter(s). It gathers information about nearby wireless access points and hot spots in real time as well as providing logging and graphs of collected data.

signal level device drivers correct test security settings hot spots network scan

Profesional software for cutting optimization

Cutting Optimization pro

Optimal Programs

Cutting Optimization Pro is a computer program used for obtaining optimal cutting layouts for one (1D) and two (2D) dimensional pieces. The software also lets you to define and handle complex products, such as table, desk, cupboard, locker, etc.

complex products book shelf rectangular sheets optimization level table desk edge banding

An automated extension of the human mind.

Personal Knowledge System

Knowledge Based Solutions

Personal Knowledge System is a knowledge tool. Its purpose is to extend an individual's memory and facilitate the efficient organization of information into knowledge.

family friends lifetime experience hobbies knowledge base tangible record constantly

Computer program interpreter

T Interpreter

Abecedarical Systems

This is an easy to learn, user friendly, high level, computer programming language. T is more like natural English than most other computer languages and this makes a T program both easy to write and easy to understand.

language reference elements debugging tools user friendly level computer interpreter

Helps you manage your paper documents.

File Folder Organizer 3 - EX


Are you surrounded with an ocean of papers piled on your desk because you dread the hours it takes to do the filing? If you want an organized and orderly filing system, then you need the File Folder Organizer - EX.

filing cabinets index reports tree hierarchy research papers orderly paper documents

FREE program available for trappers.



I don't think there is a free computer program any place on the internet for trappers, except for this one ! Whether your ayoung person or an seasoned trapper, this program is for you to make your hobby a little more fun.

different types of animals data fields trapper types of animals diary trappers

Keep your property organized.

Home Inventory


This is the perfect computer program for Home Owners and Apartment Dwellers to keep your property organized and much more. This program lets you record detailed information about each of your items, such as: ITEM NAME, DESCRIPTION, SERIAL NUMBER.

apartment dwellers perfect computer insurance info aquired help file program features

Program for anyone into Ghost Hunting.

Ghost Hunter


This is the perfect computer program for anyone into Ghost Hunting or any other types of hauntings. This program lets you record detailed information such as: DATE OF OCCURANCE, TIME OF OCCURANCE, LOCATION, GPS INFO, HISTORY LOCATION.

computer program occurance perfect computer gps info hauntings history location

Learns input text and suggests continuations.

VK TypeHelp

Volkmar Kobelt

Supports the input of long words or phrases and helps in recovering lost pieces of text: An Assistant automatically learning contexts and suggesting text continuations which can easily be accepted by the user for automatic input to any application.

boundaries auto text computer program language text repetitive tasks keystrokes


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