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Simple hiragana and katakana flash cards



DreamKana is a freeware hiragana and katakana flash card application. It is easy to use and flexible to the way you want to learn. It includes voiced constanants in both kana sets, and does not require special fonts or language packs.

fonts katakana kana flash card language packs card application

Space arcade scrolling shooter.

Back to Earth 2

Alawar Entertainment

Space arcade scrolling shooter, far superior to other games in this genre. The game is split into 7 episodes. Although there is no clear division between the levels, the final level of each episode ends with a battle with a new alien boss.

shooter earth2 genre questionable content space arcade games

CAD browser/manager/viewer/workflow acceleran

EFM - Etecad File Manager


All-in-one solution for managing CAD & Image files/archives. Fast viewing of complete directories and files in variety formats; complete file-manager and files manipulation tools. Front-end to AutoCAD/Intellicad, blocks, batch processor, PDF tools

batch processor variety formats graphics file hpgl 2 image organizer dual pane



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