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A simple yet quite challenging classic game w

4 In 1 Row


4 In 1 Row, also known as Connect Four, is well-know classic board game. The rules for the game are simple, while the game very fascinating. In the game, you compete with AI technique at three difficulty levels.

expert level difficulty levels classic board game connect four

Highly addictive puzzle style word game.


Mace Software, Inc.

Highly addictive multi-player puzzle word game. Plays similar to the classic Connect Four game except you try to make four letter words to win. You may play the computer, or challenge a friend over your network, or play on the internet.

word games connect four game computer word gamers internet connection addictive

Connect Four clone which allows online play.


Pracx Software

The object is to get four of your chips in a row before your opponent does. Play and chat with friends across the street or across the country over the internet for head-to-head competition.

artificial intelligence head competition absolutely free number 1 chat with friends chips

Play Othello, Go-Moku and 6 more board games!

RedBlue Classics

Niels Bauer Software Design

Play Othello, Go-Moku, Connect Four and five more classic board games! Enjoy the beautiful and user friendly interface. Test your logic skills against the state of the art computer player. Choose the game difficulty you want out of five levels.

five stones nothing is as it seems classic board games classic mozart mozart music score changes

Block dropping bubble popping action.


Indiepath Ltd

Block dropping bubble popping jaw dropping puzzle game. The cubes are back again!Two fantastic modes of play to take you to even greater heights of fun and excitement. Compete on the world wide Hall of Fame to become the Grand Master C'Bubbler!

puzzle game modes cubes bubbler excitement hall of fame

3D Connect-4 through Internet or against AI.

iPuissance 4D


3D Connect-Four game that can be played through the Internet or against an artificial intelligence. Different game rules, in-game chat and more functions are available. To play the game just download and launch the program - no installation required.

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